Netflix’s Resident Evil to feature 8 episodes and will enter production in June

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Resident Evil is a very popular franchise and its latest iteration was announced a year ago via Deadline. A Netflix series was in the works that would “keep the basic premise” of the games. Very little is known about this show as neither a showrunner has been announced nor the cast. And yet, the project is slowly starting to take shape. Redanian Intelligence has learned several interesting details via a production list.

Netflix’s Resident Evil will feature eight one-hour episodes. That is not surprising since it’s the standard for a lot of recent Netflix dramas. Production is currently planned to start this June and conclude in October, while prepping will start in April. The main production hub of the series is expected to be in South Africa.

Resident Evil’s production entry

According to Deadline, Resident Evil will “explore the dark inner workings of the Umbrella Corporation and the new world order caused by the outbreak of the T-virus”.

If everything goes according to plan, when should we expect the release? Considering production concludes in October, followed by several months of post-production, a safe bet would be Spring/Summer 2021.

Hopefully, more details will be announced soon along with a showrunner, the cast and more.

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