Behind the Scenes with The Witcher’s monsters

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Netflix’s recently released fantasy series, The Witcher, tells the tale of Geralt of Rivia (played by Superman’s Henry Cavill). Belonging to the Guild of Witchers, Geralt is a solitary monster hunter with superhuman abilities and tackles many a beast throughout the show’s eight episodes. Now, we’re happy to reveal some new behind-the-scenes material we have found that has surfaced following the show’s release, which shows how these monsters were brought to life. Naturally, if you haven’t seen the show yet this could be considered a spoiler. Caution is advised!

Torque, the Sylvan

In episode two, “Four Marks”, Geralt pairs up with the bard Jaskier and accepts a contract to slay a devil. This devil is actually a sylvan (or goat-man), who pelts Geralt and Jaskier with metal balls. Though this may not be the show’s best creature, the sylvan is a pretty impressive feat of prosthetic and machination. In the clips below, we can see the sylvan behind the scenes singing a song (no, not “Toss a Coin”) and a the training for the iconic “You’re a dick with balls” scene.

Princess Adda, The Striga

In the show’s third episode, “Betrayer Moon”, Geralt travels to the capital of Temeria and faces one of the season’s most challenging fights. There, he pits himself against a cursed, unborn princess who was turned into a horrific monster. Dragging her umbilical chord behind her, Princess Adda had a really vile design. It’s quite funny, then, to see the stuntmen in the striga costume fooling around.

The Ghouls

Lastly, we were able to uncover some behind-the-scenes images and clips from episode eight’s opening fight sequence in which Geralt wrestled with a pack of corpse-eating ghouls. The stunt men and women behind the ghouls wore a green-suit and prosthetic, and the look was later enhanced in post-production.

With the show released, more and more behind-the-scenes footage is being shared by the cast and crew, and we’ll be sharing it with you as well. Stay tuned for more!

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