Month: December 2019

Cut material from The Witcher Season 1: Blaviken Fight, Young Renfri, Young Triss and more

Before we got to see Henry Cavill and all the other stars of The Witcher on Netflix, the show has been through a grueling filming period of eight months during which it has undergone extensive changes, including reshoots of its opening episode set in the town of Blaviken. Now, we found some interesting new images

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Behind the Scenes with The Witcher’s monsters

Netflix’s recently released fantasy series, The Witcher, tells the tale of Geralt of Rivia (played by Superman’s Henry Cavill). Belonging to the Guild of Witchers, Geralt is a solitary monster hunter with superhuman abilities and tackles many a beast throughout the show’s eight episodes. Now, we’re happy to reveal some new behind-the-scenes material we have

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