Month: December 2019

New Witcher Concept Art of Blaviken, Cintra and Tor Lara

Netflix’s new fantasy epic The Witcher takes the viewers to the mystical world of the Continent, a vast landmass spanning arid deserts, foggy swamps, and mountains shrouded in clouds. Whatever your take on the first season, it doesn’t suffer from a lack of vision. The show’s location scouts, set designers, and artists have done a

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Behind the Scenes with The Witcher’s monsters

Netflix’s recently released fantasy series, The Witcher, tells the tale of Geralt of Rivia (played by Superman’s Henry Cavill). Belonging to the Guild of Witchers, Geralt is a solitary monster hunter with superhuman abilities and tackles many a beast throughout the show’s eight episodes. Now, we’re happy to reveal some new behind-the-scenes material we have

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