Netflix spokesperson comments on the leaked Witcher release date

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Only a few days ago the Twitter and Facebook accounts of Netflix Netherlands published a countdown on many upcoming projects. Some release dates were already known, some were new, and the latter group included The Witcher. The announcement, which was published on September 11, counted only 97 days until season one of the much-anticipated show would drop on Netflix – and that meant a release date of December 17.

However, the posts were quickly deleted, and now we have a statement from a Netflix spokesperson about the situation via Video Games Chronicle:

The launch date for The Witcher has not yet been confirmed. The post was made by Netflix accounts in the Netherlands in error, and not all of the information contained in it is accurate/final.

Unfortunately, as this is neither a confirmation nor a denial, we remain in the dark. December 17 is still on the table, though.

Previously, the rumoured release date for The Witcher was December 20, as relayed by the ever-reliable NSFW blog Recapped. That date is a Friday, with major Netflix originals tending to release on that day. If the correct date is December 17 after all, would that mean there has been a change in this strategy?

Regardless, be it December 17 or 20, the difference is only three days, and The Witcher will be on our screens mid-December. The wait is coming to an end.

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