Verified Netflix account posts release date of The Witcher


According to now-deleted posts, Witcher fans have 97 sleepless nights ahead until season one of the much-anticipated series drops. The official social media accounts for Netflix Netherlands (@NetflixNetherlands on Facebook and @NetflixNL on Twitter) have put to rest months, if not years, of speculation around the release date.

The now deleted @NetflixNetherlands Facebook post

According to the above post, which has since been removed, season one is a mere 97 days away, which should land the release date on December 17, 2019. So, mark your calendars, Witcher fans. The long wait continues, but at least now we know when it ends.

In May 2019, Redanian Intelligence reported on a possible leak from Recapped which claimed season one could release on December 20, 2019. As these details take time to finalize and with the official release date within the same ballpark, it’s hard not to trust Recapped’s record. We certainly hope this confirmation also means season two is set to film in December or January 2020. With the Witcher writers’ room hard at work on season two, it certainly seems likely.

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