Tristan Ruggeri Joins the Witcher Cast As Young Geralt of Rivia


There is a new casting update on IMDb that will surely come as a big surprise to fans of The Witcher show. According to his profile, child actor Tristan Ruggeri has been cast as Young Geralt of Rivia. We know that the show’s first season will include material that has only ever been alluded to in the books, but until now, we largely assumed these changes to be present in Yennefer’s arc.

Tristan Ruggeri

As Tristan is listed for episode eight, our best guess is that he will appear in one of Geralt’s fever dreams during the events of the short story Something More. In the books, our witcher is recovering from severe injuries, fading in and out of consciousness, while being nursed back to health by a merchant called Yurga. In his dreams, he remembers his last meetings with Yennefer and Queen Calanthe, pondering over the role fate has bestowed upon him.

With Tristans character revealed, it looks like we’re getting a deeper look at Geralt of Rivia’s origins. Hopefully new cast updates will shed some light on what exactly we can expect. Is it too much to hope for an appearance of Vesemir in Season One? Will we see the Trial of the Grasses? Stay tuned to Redanian Intelligence as we investigate further.

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