The Witcher casts Geralt’s father Korin

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In August, a cast listing on IMDb revealed that the first season of Netflix’s The Witcher will explore the past of Geralt of Rivia, portrayed by Superman’s Henry Cavill. Today, another piece of the puzzle is revealed through the same source, as a Hungarian actor has appeared on the cast list. Martin Berencsy will be The Witcher’s Korin. The only Korin known of in the books happens to be Geralt’s father.

Hungarian actor Martin Berencsy, cast as Korin

Korin appears in just one short story in the entire saga: A Road With No Return. This short story is set before Geralt was born, featuring Korin and Geralt’s mother, Visenna. Though a casting for Visenna has yet to be uncovered, it now seems more likely than ever. Following the casting of Korin, and that of a “Young Geralt of Rivia” (to be played by Tristan Ruggeri), The Witcher appears to be exploring the childhood of its leading hero. For now, Martin’s role is listed under the show’s pilot episode on IMDb, but it’s quite likely that this is just a placeholder (several actors from later episodes are listed for the pilot as well).

Tristan Ruggeri, our Young Geralt

Which scenes could include Geralt’s father? A Road With No Return tells the story of Geralt’s mother Visenna, as she is tasked with getting rid of a monster named “Koschey”. Visenna is a wandering druid, and is capable of using powerful magic to heal and also to kill. In this short story, Visenna finds the wounded soldier Korin on the side of the road and heals him. Korin then aids and accompanies her on her quest, and author Andrzej Sapkowski implies their budding romance would later give birth to a certain witcher. It’s possible that the show will cover the events of A Road With No Return in quick flashes once Geralt and Visenna meet (a scene which takes place in the chronologically final short story, Something More), along with other scenes from Geralt’s childhood.

Hungry for more casting news? Worry not, some major characters are yet to be revealed (including Borch Three Jackdaws and the dryad queen Eithne). Our search continues!

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