Julian Rhind-Tutt and Nóra Trokán cast in The Witcher, plus Packy Lee’s role revealed

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With so much of The Witcher’s sizable cast now known, it’s amazing that new names continue to trickle out for the first season. Thanks to the wealth of interviews out of San Diego Comic Con and reactions to the teaser on social media, we now know of two such cast members: Julian Rhind-Tutt (Harlots) and Nóra Trokán (A Tanár).

Julian Rhind-Tutt in The Hour

While neither IMDb nor any CVs list Rhind-Tutt for The Witcher, Anya Chalotra, who plays Yennefer in the series, mentioned his name in an anecdote about filming (as pointed out by Reddit user u/rozowarozowa): “I filmed with Julian Rhind-Tutt and he’s so funny. I remember doing a transformation scene with him and my goodness, I could have walked out of that day feeling very depressed, but because I had him on set, it was hilarious.”

It seems that whoever Rhind-Tutt plays, he factors into Yennefer’s story at Aretuza where her character is expected to undergo transformations to correct her deformities. In the novels, these transformations took place under the supervision of Aretuza’s rector, Tissaia de Vries – played by MyAnna Buring on the show. In the series, the mystery character played by Rhind-Tutt also seems to be in attendance.

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Nóra Trokán

The other piece of casting is that of Trokán Nóra as a dryad who appears in the teaser alongside Freya Allan’s Ciri. On her Instagram, the Hungarian actress acknowledged her involvement in the series by posting a screenshot of her character. In the comments, a member of the crew commented, “Badass Dryad general”, clearly alluding to the role she’ll play. We can’t wait to see if this is a slightly new version of a character book fans would be familiar with, such as the young novice Braenn, or an entirely new character.

Packy Lee in Peaky Blinders

As speculated, actor Packy Lee (Peaky Blinders) has taken over the role of Nohorn from Shane Attwooll. He’ll be appearing in Episode One, directed by Alik Sakharov and Marc Jobst. Jobst has been in charge of filming reshoots of the pilot and parts of the final episode.

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