Frida Gustavsson cast in The Witcher

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NETFLIX’S promotional campaign for season one of The Witcher is slowly gearing up and previously unannounced cast members are starting to reveal themselves. On which note, we’re excited to bring to your attention Swedish model and actress Frida Gustavsson!

Unfortunately, Frida’s agency doesn’t list her role in The Witcher and her social media doesn’t give any particular clues as to when she could have been filming, but nevertheless, there are a few telling features of her appearance that may hint at her role.

First, her height – Frida is 185cm tall (6ft 1in). Another clue is the obvious fact that she’s extremely beautiful. There’s no shortage of beauty in the cast of the show but Frida still stands out, and that fact is worth noting, because…

Are you thinking what we’re thinking? A tall, very beautiful actress and model being cast in The Witcher who also has an interesting natural ear shape… Have we found our Francesca Findabair, aka Enid an Gleanna? After all, in the books, the elven sorceress Francesca is considered to be the most beautiful woman in the world. We can easily see Frida filling this role.

Frida could be playing an entirely different character, of course. However, knowing how shows are cast, and with a particular knowledge of The Witcher’s casting, we don’t really believe that a well-known model with a blue check mark on her social media would be given only a minor role.

To see more of Frida, check out her recent roles in the television series Dröm and the feature film Swoon. For her modeling career, you can view her portfolio at IMG Models.

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