New Yennefer and Geralt shots from official Netflix Witcher promo emerge

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Just when everyone had almost fully processed our first official promotional photographs of Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri in Netflix’s Witcher, more emerge. While there are only a couple of newbies, they’re well worth seeing, and there’s a little extra information to be squeezed out from behind the scenes!

First up, we have an alternative angle of Henry Cavill as the White Wolf, Geralt of Rivia. Here it is, for your consumption:

Showrunner Lauren S Hissrich has been joking about “Swordgate” – with some fans of the video games rather than the books not realising that Andzrej Sapkowski’s Geralt doesn’t carry his silver sword around at all times. This might be the image to soothe a few concerns. It’s been pointed out that this weapon is not the same as in the other pictures … and could be his silver sword.

Geralt wields a different sword in the other released pictures

The other new image to crop up is of Anya Chalotra as Yennefer of Vengerberg. We had a shot of her gazing into the distance and a close-up, but now we’ve been treated to a third option too. Below is another picture of Yennefer from the photoshoot, offering a fantastic look at her costume.

As well as these new images, we can take a slight peak behind the curtain. The metadata for the new Geralt image is titled “Geralt ruins”. For Ciri, it’s “Ciri woods”, and for Yennefer, “Yennefer overlook”. Generic enough that fans can’t speculate … much.

It’s also worth mentioning that these are possibly the images Hungarian firm PhotoPro Production were working on, as previously reported by Redanian Intelligence. And while we don’t know exactly who took the pictures, if that was the case, we can narrow it down. To quote PhotoPro: “Recently, PhotoPro produced movie series poster shooting with Hollywood stars for TNT’s Alienist, AMC’s The Terror and Netflix’s The Witcher by servicing exceptional photographers such as Nadav Kander, James Minchin III and Rankin.”

That’s the who, but what about the where? The Canary Islands have given Witcher fans a lot, so let’s do our bit for the future Witcher tourist trails we have faith some of our readers will one day be embarking on!

According to the locationoneislascanarias Instagram, the photoshoot took place on the Canary Islands. And we know one of the beach filming locations the crew was at was near the village of Juan Adalid, Garafia, on La Palma. That was confirmed by La Palma online newspaper El Apurón. Images of the location certainly seem to fit the bill, and they were in the area for a couple of days after filming for Bounds of Reason. Here’s an image from a crew member’s social media, and one from Google of the Juan Adalid area.

A crew member on The Witcher posted this image on their social media
This image of Juan Adalid, found via a Google image search, shows a similar landscape
And, as a bonus, another shot of the beach features the type of rocky outcrops seen behind Yennefer

So, if you’re visiting La Palma any time soon, maybe you could head over to Juan Adalid and try to pick up the trail? If not, feel free to enjoy the latest pics of Geralt and Yen from the comfort of your home. We’re expecting our next official looks on July 19 when they appear at San Diego Comic Con, and we’ll have all the analysis you need!

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  1. These photos are very similar to the work of photographer Nadav Kander. Look at the photos he made for “Terror” and the portraits. The style is very similar!

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