John Cummins cast as Marton, Philippe Spall cast as Hemet and other actors who we believe might be in The Witcher

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Left to right: John Cummins, Philippe Spall, Scott Alexander Young, Felix Garcia Guyer and Martin Angerbauer

We have several casting news and speculations. Firstly, as mentioned in the headline, English actor John Cummins, has been cast as a character named Marton according to his CV. There is no Marton in the books, so surely this is an original character created by Lauren S. Hissrich and the team.

John Cummins in Doctor Who

While we can’t say who he is exactly, we can maybe guess when he could have been filming. From October 27, 2018 to February 2, 2019 John was performing in his Don Quixote play. It is likely that he filmed his scenes for The Witcher somewhere after that. Interestingly, right around mid-February they were filming scenes with Gudmundur Thorvaldsson as Remus and Andrey Kurganov as Tsoka who are, presumably, witchhunters. Perhaps, Marton is part of their team, but we’re in in the speculation area now.

There are also two new additions in the IMDB cast list of The Witcher. Philippe Spall as Hemet, also an original character, apparently. He will appear in Episode 5 which is confirmed by his CV that lists him under a Charlotte Brändström episode. Episode 5, as we know, will adapt the short story The Last Wish. The other one Scott Alexander Young who will appear as an innkeeper in Episode 3. It appears that he will be seen in the iconic tavern scene where we are first introduced to Geralt in the books.

Felix Garcia Guyer

The next actor is Felix Garcia Guyer. There is no textual confirmation, but we suspect he was shooting at the Ogrodzeniec castle in Poland. He is also a tall man and you can see that in the video. Take a look at the comparison:

And the last one for today is Martin Angerbauer. He attended the Witcher wrap party which took place last week and his social media appears to hint at his involvement in the show with mutual follows by cast and crew. Usually, when someone follows both Henry Cavill and Lauren Hissrich, that might be the selling point. But we could always be wrong, you never know!

Martin Angerbauer

The list of known cast members of this show is growing and every day we are getting closer to knowing who will play characters like Borch Three Jackdaws and King Foltest. And now our watch continues.

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