Redanian Exclusive: Director Marc Jobst Filming Scenes for the Season Finale


Almost a month has passed since the show wrapped its filming in Poland’s Ogrodzieniec castle, yet now we are able to share some exciting new information from the set. One of our sources was able to share a production picture taken in Poland which includes a clapperboard that reveals some interesting information. Take a look at the cropped image of the clapperboard below.

Clapperboard from the filming in Poland

There are a few interesting things that we can see here. Firstly, the Poland scene is confirmed to be the third scene in the show’s eighth episode (the season 1 finale). This is interesting on its own, as it seems the mages will be opening up the season’s final episode with these scenes in the ruins. Even more interesting is that the director listed on the clapperboard was not Alik Sakharov, who we were led to believe is directing the episode, but a certain “Marc” (who we now know as director Marc Jobst).

At first, we didn’t think much of that listing, but recently, Marc’s name has resurfaced in the CV of actor Jack Bandeira. Jack was cast as the “Young Alderman” and was also present in Poland. Below you will see an image taken from Marc’s twitter account, further confirming his presence at the Poland shoot in April 8th and 9th.

A screencap of Marc’s twitter post, posted during filming

For those unfamiliar with Marc, he has an impressive resume. Marc has directed multiple episodes for Marvel’s Netflix shows (which Lauren Hissrich, the Witcher showrunner, was also involved in) as well as Hannibal, Black Sails and more. But what will be his role in The Witcher? Could Marc be replacing Alik as the director of the season finale? Or is he, perhaps, simply assisting Alik and helping him with certain scenes?

Stay tuned with Redanian Intelligence as we investigate further.