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Debunked: The Witcher Season 2 night shoots in Swinley Forest

With production well on its way on Netflix’s second season of The Witcher, every day seems to deliver news on the Henry Cavill series. News has increased significantly this week, as the production has finally left the secretive sets within Arborfield Studios and begun filming in forests near Surrey and London. While they were covering

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The Witcher Season 2: Ciri is filming in an English forest with smoke and fake snow

The Witcher season two has been filming at a breakneck pace within the sets at Arborfield Studios, with stars Geralt (Henry Cavill) and Ciri (Freya Allan) joining new witcher characters at the fortress of Kaer Morhen. Now, after nearly two months of studio filming, Netflix has finally taken it’s crew to a location just outside

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The Witcher audition reveals two key book characters are joining Season 2

In August, Netflix resumed filming the second season of The Witcher, starring Henry Cavill. Though season two has already found its Vesemir, Francesca, Nivellen, Lambert, Lydia and Coen, some major roles are yet to be revealed. These include the replacement of the witcher Eskel, characters such as Dijkstra or Voleth Meir, as well as a

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The Witcher Season 2 prepares to film in one of the UK’s most beautiful ruins

In August 2020, Netflix resumed production on The Witcher‘s anticipated second season after a five-month COVID hiatus. Series lead Henry Cavill and several other cast members have already taken to social media to celebrate their return to the set, with Umbrella Academy director Stephen Surjik at the helm. Though it isn’t clear how the virus

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Rumor confirmed? Netflix is looking to cast Jason Momoa in The Witcher prequel

The rumors floating around the Internet are true: Netflix is looking to cast Game of Thrones and Aquaman star Jason Momoa as the lead of the recently announced prequel The Witcher: Blood Origin. This news comes shortly after casting has begun for the series. UPDATE: Shortly after the rumor was corroborated, Momoa shared a popular

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Henry Cavill teases The Witcher Season 2 fight scene: Here’s what it could be

After a long COVID hiatus, The Witcher season two has re-entered production, with filming resuming in Netflix’s Witcher headquarters at Arborfield Film Studios. The main cast has already taken to various social media platforms to celebrate their return to the set, and now series lead Henry Cavill shared an intriguing behind-the-scenes image, embedded below.