Author: HeroOfRodden

Redanian Archives: Behind the scenes of The Witcher, Part II

For those unfamiliar with our new behind-the-scenes series, Redanian Archives will be covering the entire duration of The Witcher‘s filming for its first season, week by week. In part one of the series, director Alik Sakharov began filming the show’s pilot episode, with lead Henry Cavill (Geralt) finally on set. In the second part of

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Here’s How The Witcher Will Adapt Yennefer’s Story in Season One

Yennefer of Vengerberg was first introduced in Andrzej Sapowski’s novels as a sharp, manipulative and sexy sorceress, who very quickly had the short stories’ main character under her spell. But it isn’t long before Geralt of Rivia notices that Yennefer’s harsh exterior contains a woman who has suffered immense trauma, and those years of suffering

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Netflix’s The Witcher is Coming to San Diego Comic Con: Here’s What We Know

Brace yourselves! The Witcher is coming to Comic Con! Though The Witcher‘s first season is still five months away and set to debut this December on Netflix, the show’s marketing campaign has already begun. After a set of posters depicting the show’s three main characters was released, Netflix announced that The Witcher will also be

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