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House of the Dragon Season 2 Films Rook’s Rest With Criston Cole and Gwayne Hightower

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News on the second season of Matt Smith, Emma D’Arcy, and Olivia Cooke starring hit series House of the Dragon has been relatively sparse but just today filming has started in Bourne Woods, Surrey and we have photos. The continuing strike by the Writers Guild of America and the Screen Actors Guild has also cast a gloom over the series with some actors and writers being part of the striking guilds, but the show goes on.

Criston Cole and Gwayne Hightower Spotted Filming Rook’s Rest!

Filming has finally started in Bourne Woods yesterday, August 15 at a camp that was being built for over a week there. This is Criston Cole‘s camp near Rook’s Rest.

As such, Criston Cole was there and not only him, but Gwayne Hightower as well, played by Freddie Fox. Thanks to UnBoxPHD, we have some a sneak peek at both Cole and Hightower.

Here we see Criston Cole on horseback as well as Gwayne Hightower in armor as well as Gwayne in another scene, but in a long green coat.

At one point, Cole shouts at Hightower: “On your feet! You’re not dressed for battle!

Additionally, Eddie Eyre has been spotted in the same camp. His role in House of the Dragon is unknown, but in Game of Thrones he played Gerold Hightower in the Tower of Joy flashback.

Photos and videos of the Battle of Rook’s Rest!

Thanks to our reader Sara, we have photos and videos of the actual battle, filmed on August 16! We see don’t see the fighting just yet, but the troops are advancing on the battlefield.

We see the troops emerging and advancing from the woods in the next video:

Here’s a few more videos of the same scene:

Which episode was Rook’s Rest again?

All of this is filmed by veteran Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor, who is attached to episodes 1 and 4 of House of the Dragon Season 2. In Thrones, he directed the iconic “Baelor” episode that included Ned Stark’s death scene.

As mentioned previously and confirmed now, the Battle at Rook’s Rest is in Episode 4 of House of the Dragon Season 2.

Alan Taylor on set of House of the Dragon Season 2

More photos from around Rook’s Rest

Here’s a selection of many more photos from locals from yesterday’s filming in Bourne Woods. One can spot various emblems and sigils, such as Hightower armor, Stokeworth and more.

The production of Season 2 is expected to wrap in September and is expected to be released in 2024. Do follow Redanian Intelligence for news on House of the Dragon and other fantasy series.

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