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A Month of House of the Dragon Season 2 Filming in Wales: War, Dragons, New Cast and More

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HBO’s first Game of Thrones spinoff, House of the Dragon, debuted its first season in August of 2021. Before long, the fantasy series starring Emma D’Arcy, Matt Smith, and Olivia Cooke managed to recapture the magic of the original series, winning over even the fans who were disgruntled and disappointed by the Game of Thrones conclusion. Almost a full year has passed, and now House of the Dragon is in the middle of the hectic production of its second season.

In the past month, filming has relocated from Spain to Wales, where the show has been filming numerous scenes across many locations. Thankfully, fans of the series have been following the cast and crew and taking pictures that may shed some light on the story of the second season, and we have it all recapped alongside some revealing behind-the-scenes pictures.

Trefor Quarry was transformed into Dragonstone

IMG 2574

Filming dates: June 9 to 17, July 2

Actors present: Emma D’Arcy (Rhaenyra), Harry Collett (Jacaerys), and Bethany Antonia (Baela)

Setting: Dragonstone

Directors: Clare Kilner (202, 205), possibly others

Filming at the quarry took place for about a week, with onlookers noticing the frequent use of smoke machines. Throughout the period of filming, multiple cast members were confirmed to be on location.

That includes includes series lead Emma D’Arcy who plays Rhaenyra, as well as Harry Collett who portrays Rhaenyra’s heir Jacaerys (aka Jace). Bethany Antonia who portrays Baela was also involved in this section of filming.

Having seen the black banners of Rhaenyra’s Targaryen faction, as well as the striking look of the quarry ruins, there’s no doubt amongst the fans that the quarry scenes take place in Dragonstone.

Perhaps one of these scenes is Jace and Rhaenyra’s reunion? They last saw each other before the death of Lucerys, so it may be a quite emotional reunion.

An emotional Rhaenyra scene may have been filmed in Porth Y Cwch Beach

Filming dates: June 19 to 20

Actors present: Emma D’Arcy (rumored)

Setting: Shipbreaker’s Bay (rumored)

Directors: Unknown

We heard a rumor about this scene, which places Emma D’Arcy’s Rhaenyra on location. According to this rumor, the scene filmed at Porth Y Cwch depicted Rhaenyra searching for the remains of her son Lucerys in Shipbreaker’s Bay.

At Llanddwyn Beach, the Dragonseeds convened, and a dragon appeared

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Filming dates: June 21 to 23

Actors present: Clinton Liberty (Addam Velaryon), Kieran Bew (Hugh Hammer), Leon Ockenden (rumored to be Ulf the White), and more, Matt Smith (rumored)

Setting: Dragonstone, King’s Landing

Directors: All of them

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A couple of scenes were filmed at Llanddwyn Beach in Newborough. One of them seemed to involve a gathering of the Dragonseeds.

Among them was a new cast member that will be introduced in Season 2, Kieran Bew, who is all but confirmed to portray Hugh Hammer. Another actor rumored to be on location is Leon Ockenden, who may possibly portray Ulf the White.

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Another scene filmed on this beach involved new cast member Clinton Liberty, who is believed to portray Addam Velaryon.

Addam, Hugh, and Ulf are all part of the Dragonseeds, a group of new recruits (commoners and nobles alike) brave enough to attempt to claim a dragon – and they are among the few who succeeded in doing so. They will serve as the Blacks’ secret weapon, now that they have more dragons than riders at their disposal.

From what we can tell, the scenes with the Dragonseeds also featured some boats making their landing on the beach, which is believed to be on the island of Dragonstone.

Last but not least, one additional scene was filmed at Llanddwyn Beach, and this one involved a dragon! Though the dragon will be inserted with CGI in post-production, its stand-in for filming can be identified as the giant blue shoe carried by two people in blue suits.

Due to the shape of the dragon’s head, and due to the appearance of the white-haired figure, fans believe this scene features Matt Smith’s Daemon and his dragon Caraxes. Although, it could also be Rhaenyra with her dragon Syrax.

Besides the filming on the beach, the crew set up their caravans in the nearby woods, so it’s possible additional scenes were filmed there with these cast members.

Filming in Ogwen Valley

Filming dates: June 26 to 29

Actors present: Unknown

Setting: Unknown

Directors: Clare Kilner (202, 205), maybe more

Not much is known about this particular scene, but we do have a few blurry pictures that show riders gathering on a hill.

The aftermath of a battle filmed near the Roman Bridge in Snowdonia

Filming dates: June 30

Actors present: Unknown

Setting: Unknown

Directors: Unknown

These striking pictures depict the dead bodies of men and horses. The shear quantity of fake corpses suggests that a large battle took place, and the scene filmed near the Roman Bridge in Snowdonia must have been the aftermath of a battle.

Corlys Velaryon and his men row to war in Penmon

Filming dates: July 3 to 4

Actors present: Steve Toussaint (Corlys)

Setting: Rumored to be on the way to King’s Landing

Directors: Alan Taylor (201+), Geeta Patel

At Penmon, a scene was filmed with Steve Toussaint’s Corlys Velaryon at the forefront. From the looks of it, Corlys is leading his men to war, and we heard rumors that Corlys is headed for King’s Landing in this scene, although we have not confirmed this.

King Aegon’s cavalry ride to war at Beaumaris

Filming dates: July 5

Actors present: Fabien Frankel (rumored)

Setting: Unknown

Directors: Unknown

The finer details of this scene are not known at this point, but we heard that some onlookers thought they saw Fabien Frankel who plays Ser Criston Cole. In any case, judging by the armor, this is King Aegon’s cavalry on the march.

Dinorwig Quarry

Filming dates: July 5 to 6

Actors present: Emma D’Arcy (Rhaenyra), and Matt Smith (Daemon) is rumored

Setting: Harrenhal

Directors: Geeta Patel, Loni Peristere, Andrij Parekh (206)

The location in Dinorwig Quarry was prepared weeks in advance, with a large catapult built on location. Other props include carts, tents, and two stone pillars.

From what we heard, Dinorwig Quarry will be part of Harrenhal, a location which will become important in Season 2. From the looks of it, Harrenhal is preparing for an incoming attack from the armies of King Aegon.

As for the cast involved in this filming, Emma D’Arcy checked in from the quarry on their Instagram account, so Rhaenyra is confirmed to be involved. Also rumored to be involved is Matt Smith, who portrays Daemon.

After a month in Wales, and two in Spain before that, the cast and crew of House of the Dragon must be exhausted. Now they will be relocating to the more comfortable production headquarters at Leavseden Film Studios. Unfortunately for us, this means there will probably be less leaks from now on.

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