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Anya Chalotra and The Witcher Costume Designer on Crafting Yennefer’s Season 3 Look

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The Witcher Season 3 will drop its first five episodes on June 29 and, finally, the Netflix marketing machine is hard at work promoting the show. Among the many methods of marketing, Netflix has started to place key crew members of the fantasy series in the spotlight. In this case, it is costume designer Lucinda Wright, who was interviewed by Collider.

Lucinda Wright and Anya Chalotra worked together to create Yennefer’s look

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We have already seen many of Wright’s designs in the teaser and trailer of The Witcher Season 3. One costume that seems to be discussed a lot among the fans is Yennefer’s dress at the Aretuza ball. Wright has now shed some light on this design, which was apparently inspired by Yennefer actress Anya Chalotra herself.

“With the ball, the dress was really inspired by Anya; there was a certain look that she really wanted. In every shot you’ve ever seen her [in], she always has her necklace with her stone, but I actually put it down by her heart on her bust, so it’s like that’s the moment of passion near her heart, for all her power there for Geralt.

It’s just a tiny thing, but it’s the first time it’s not around her neck, which I think is quite a strong thing.”

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Lucinda Wright has already worked on The Witcher‘s second season as well as the prequel series Blood Origin, stepping into the shoes of Season 1 costume designer Tim Aslam.

Despite the change Chalotra seems to have had a good collaborative relationship with Wright as she talks about it in a new Variety interview:

I was [corseted] in Season 1. As soon as Lucinda came on board, those corsets were out. There are certain dresses that we have to wear that have a more formal structure to them, but not as much corsets. And it’s a collaboration, so we do get to say what we can breathe in and not, which helps with other physical demands.

And looking ahead, Lucinda Wright has already signed on for The Witcher‘s fourth season.

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Wright was not the only one to address Yennefer’s Thanedd ball look in the Collider interview. The Witcher‘s hair and makeup designer Deb Watson has also pitched in.

“This season, from a makeup and hair point of view, I wanted to bring an element of softness but an element of power. I felt that in Season 3, we could move away from that really heavily made-up look because Anya [Chalotra] herself is so incredibly beautiful, and when I read Yennefer, I read a really strong internal beauty with her, and I wanted to bring that internal beauty out.

There’s always mention of her beautiful long, luxurious hair, and the way that Lucinda’s silhouettes were cut for the season I felt benefited the loose and flowing hair. When we move into the ball sequence, the elegance of the costume design inspired me to have an elegance of hair and makeup design. So, we moved through moods in the story that we’re telling.”

The Witcher Season 3 is available on Netflix with The Rats prequel in post-production and The Witcher: Sirens of the Deep anime by Studio Mir is far in production. Stay tuned to Redanian Intelligence and do pop into our Discord server to join in on The Witcher conversation.

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