The Witcher Season 3 Resumes Production After a Brief Covid Break

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Earlier this week, Monday, the third season of The Witcher had to pause filming as its lead star, Henry Cavill tested positive for Covid. The production was right in the middle of filming the series’ most ambitious sequence yet, the Thanedd ball and the subsequent coup.

Netflix commented on the situation by saying they’d be up and running “when it’s safe to do so”. Well, it seems like the time is now as several cast members confirmed their return to the set. Mecia Simson (Francesca), Cassie Clare (Philippa) and Harvey Quinn (undisclosed mage) all shared on their social media.

All three are players at the Thanedd coup, so it’s safe to say that Thanedd is back on the menu!

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It’s yet unclear whether Henry Cavill is back in action, but even if he’s not, there is still plenty of scenes to do during Thanedd that do not involve Geralt of Rivia, so while Cavill recovers, they can do those with director Loni Peristere, who helms block 3 of The Witcher Season 3.

Anya Chalotra may be back on set as well as she was not infected, despite logically being the closest in proximity to Henry Cavill during filming as Geralt accompanies Yennefer at the Thanedd ball. This was evidenced by her celebrating her birthday yesterday with friends outside.

Season 3 of The Witcher is in production until August/September 2022 for a 2023 release. The live-action prequel The Witcher: Blood Origin is in post-production after two weeks of reshoots and is currently eyed for a Christmas 2022 release. Stay tuned to Redanian Intelligence and do pop into our Discord server to join in on The Witcher conversation.

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