Shadow and Bone Season 2 Adds Two More To Its Cast

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The first season of Shadow and Bone starring Ben Barnes and Jessie Mei Li premiered on Netflix in April 2021 to much success with both audiences who haven’t read the original books by Leigh Bardugo and those who have.

The news of the show’s renewal for a second season didn’t see a big delay and after several months of pre-production, the second season finally entered production in January 2022 in Hungary.

Along with the filming start came the first casting announcement for Shadow and Bone Season 2. Netflix revealed that Patrick Gibson, Anna Leong Brophy, Lewis Tan and Jack Wolfe would be joining the cast as Nikolai Lantsov, Tamar Kir-Bataar, Tolya Yul-Bataar and Wylan Hendriks respectively.

Today Redanian Intelligence can reveal that we’ve learned two more names, who would be joining the cast of Netflix’s Shadow and Bone:

Keir Charles as Colonel Raevsky

Keir Charles in Flesh and Blood

First up is Keir Charles, who will portray Colonel Raevsky in the second season of Shadow and Bone. Raevsky appeared in the first book and was present in the scene where Alina was brought to General Kirigan aka The Darkling.

In the Season 1 rendition of that scene, however, he did not appear. Or if he did for a brief moment, it would rather be an unnamed “placeholder” extra until the role was really cast.

Charles’ role as Raevsky will be a recurring one in the Netflix series and he’ll be appearing in episodes directed by Laura Belsey and Karen Gaviola. In the middle of the season, that is.

Keir Charles has appeared in such projects as Love Actually, Death in Paradise, Silent Witness, Flesh and Blood and more.

Tijan Sarr as Shay

Tijan Sarr (Photo by MUG Photography)

Next is a young stage actor Tijan Sarr, who will play a character named Shay in an episode directed by Bola Ogun. That means he’ll appear in either one or both of the first two episodes of Shadow and Bone Season 2.

Sarr’s credits include many stage plays like Macbeth, Grimeboy, Please Do Not Touch, Red Velvet and more.

As filming for Season 2 is close to conclusion, Netflix has teased some Shadow and Bone news that may arrive at its Geeked Week that will span from June 6 to June 10. Hopefully, there will be a teaser or something meaty.

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