Spoiler report: The Witcher to have two major fights at Kaer Morhen in Season 2


The old fortress of Kaer Morhen has been the primary focus and talking point when it comes to The Witcher‘s marketing for Season 2, even more amplified by Nightmare of the Wolf, which saw a younger Vesemir. But Kaer Morhen’s role in Season 2 will be much bigger than expected.


Our sources told us that after various adventures in Ellander and the Temple of Melitele, Cintra and other places, our Witcher gang including Geralt, Ciri, Jaskier and potentially Yennefer will return to Kaer Morhen by the last few episodes of the season and a major fight sequence ensues there in the hall.

First big fight at Kaer Morhen

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The first fight scene is one we have already talked about: the one that features Eskel and a leshy in a major way and at the end of which Eskel is, unfortunately, dead. Based on various pieces of info, something very physical happens to Eskel since the first Eskel actor, Thue Rasmussen, required a full body cast in preparation. That is 100% not for his facial scars as those would need makeup, not a full prosthetic body cast.

Based on that and the logo for the episode that depicts a hybrid of a Wolf and presumably a leshy, we believe Eskel may not be entirely himself by the end, but perhaps “taken” by the leshy after which he does not survive.

Geralt fights a leshy in the Kaer Morhen lab

This happens in the second episode of Season 2, during Ciri’s first stay at Kaer Morhen. It also involves Danica from Season 1 and several other sex workers including one named Aylne. Aylne, played by Emily Byrt, as far as we can tell, will be Eskel’s “choice”.


Second big fight at Kaer Morhen

Our info on the second major fight sequence is much less detailed, but we can at least place its time. This happens by the few last episodes of the season and Eskel is long gone by then.

Geralt, Ciri, Jaskier and the gang have returned to Kaer Morhen after their adventures at Cintra, Ellander and elsewhere.

What are they fighting? We aren’t sure either, but it must be quite big since we saw some behind-the-scenes glimpses of the fight with a big green puppet and Jaskier hiding under a table.

A creature with a big mouth and fangs?
Geralt and an unnamed extra witcher (seen between Vesemir and Coen in an above image) protecting themselves with Aard

Why not stay at Ellander and return to Kaer Morhen?

In the books, things are very straightforward: Ciri stays at Kaer Morhen for a while and after Triss realizes she doesn’t have enough magical experience to train the girl, Ciri is then transported to Ellander, to Nenneke at the Temple of Melitele. Then Yennefer arrives, takes care of Ciri, then decides to take her to Aretuza as Ellander wouldn’t be enough for the young girl’s training.

Those parts of Blood of Elves are some of the best in the entire saga and it looks like that some of it may be trimmed down as based on all we know, Ciri’s stay at Ellander doesn’t seem to be very long.

The possible reason why Ciri can’t stay at the temple in the Netflix version is most likely Rience, who attacks it with the Michelet brothers. Geralt naturally fights them off and perhaps judges the place unsafe for Ciri.

As you can see below, Rience is in the middle with four Michelet brothers: Toublanc, Ludovico, Rizzi and Flavius, although they will probably not be named individually just like Renfri’s gang.

Is there a chance for a return to Ellander?

The chance is certainly there as we know the story trajectory from the books. Season 2 will be the season of Ciri being mainly with Geralt, so perhaps Season 3 will be the season where Ciri is primarily with Yennefer.

But what we feel might happen, and this is purely Season 3 speculation, is similar to the lack of Sword of Destiny in the series. It was heavily trimmed down and altered in Season 1, but Season 2 is on track to make up for the lost Geralt/Ciri content and even incorporate some of Sword of Destiny dialogues in Season 2.

Similarly, a lot of Yennefer/Ciri dialogues and training may be lifted from Ellander and inserted into the storyline where Yennefer brings Ciri to Aretuza.

The Witcher Season 2 is fast approaching on December 17, 2021 and we are excited to share more detailed analysis in the coming days.

20 comments on “Spoiler report: The Witcher to have two major fights at Kaer Morhen in Season 2”

  1. Wow that’s a major change but I think you may be right. That is why Jaskier is at Kaer Morhen. I don’t know how I feel about the change, I’ll have to wait and see, but I hope that Yen will also be there and spend some time with Ciri and Geralt. Perhaps when they are attacked by the nilfgaardians and Yen and Yarpen are present are on their way to KM? It seems a very complicated season tbh and BoE is very straightforward.

  2. I want Yen to arrive at Kaer Morhen with the rest of the gang and throw away the bed Triss and Geralt slept.
    But on a more serious note they said they were following the books but in reality they don’t and that scares me for the rest of the series. But it can still be fun and still be faithful to the heart of the Witcher. I guess we’ll see if they’ll keep the main story at least, the family and ciri’s role in all.

  3. Hey, hold on a minute wasn’t Eskel alive at the end of the books? I mean I do not remember him dead. Why would they kill him off?

  4. I did not see that coming. Although some scenes from the trailer didn’t add up. At least I hope this time Yen goes with them.

  5. So is it possible that the Leshy Geralt and Ciri fight are when they are arriving at Kaer Morhen for the second time? But why a Leshy again? Is someone controling the monsters and attacks Kaer Morhen so Geralt, Ciri and the rest return to protect the castle? That’s very Notw.

    1. it is very hard to kill leshy, especially if it has a totem – for instance in a person it will be reborna

  6. Hmmm that’s very interesting. So many storylines outside the books already. I’m both worried and excited. Prayers that they won’t change the main three dynamic and their emotional journey.

  7. Every spoiler is giving me more anxiety. If Yen is getting tortured all season or spends her time with fringilla or the mages I’ll riot. That has no impact in her character later ffs and we see it in s1. Her mother-daughter relationship with Ciri and her love for Geralt are what shape her character, what motivates her and drives her. If they rob us that..

    1. I completely agree. If we spend another season without all three of them coming together as a family it will be a huge mistake. Yennefer needs more time with Ciri to start their bond and she needs time with Geralt. They didn’t go the books route where these two had a huge history before they met Ciri so they have to show us their relationship and the depth of their feelings in the present. I can accept s1 making those kind of mistakes bc it was a set up season but if s2 continues I’m out.

  8. My feelings rn: on one hand more witchers, more time in Kaer Morhen, more Geralt & Ciri so yesss! On the other hand less Ciri and Yen, we have no idea what Yen’s storyline will be but it seems she’s away from Ciri and Geralt for the most part of the season so it’s a huge no. Also, with all these changes I have no idea where the show is headed and I’m terrified tbh.

  9. As long as they keep a good majority of BoE “recognisable”, I’m OK with certain changes and alternations and even character constellations. I don’t need to see the books be brought 1:1 to the screen, it’s the leitmotif that should be the same, the dynamic between Geralt, Ciri and Yennefer and of course Ciri’s later story arc. I think that at the end of season two, Yen will decide to take Ciri to Aretuza and that’s where season 3 will pick right up and that’s I suppose where we’ll get to see the Thanedd coup (hopefully) and when Ciri flees through the portal and her own story without Geralt and Yen starts (season 4 if we’re lucky).

  10. I think we are gonna get at least two episodes in Melitele with Yen and Ciri, maybe we’ll also see them in s3 together but I doubt they’ll skip their Melitele story in s2. A character named Violet appears for 3 episodes iirc and she’ll be at Melitele and Voleth Meir episode is supposed to take place at Melitele. My best guess is that they’re skipping Geralt’s and Ciri’s travel from Kaer Morher to Melitele and they’re replacing it with their journey back to KM along with Jaskier and hopefully Yen and there they meet with Yarpen and company.

  11. What is going on? Is Yen trying to set a meeting between Ciri and the Nilfgaardian mages (Francesca etc) and in order to convince her she tells her that Geralt agreed which is a lie but then Yen changes her opinion, realizes it’s a trap and they leave and they reunited with Geralt when they are attacked by the soldiers and then all together head to Kaer Morhen? I really have no clue and I’ve read the books 2-3 times. I just hope Geralt, Yen and Ciri will become the family we all know and love. If they change other elements from the books like the time line I’m fine but not the relationship between the main family. We need more of that!

  12. I wonder if season 2 is going to crash. Hard. So many deviations from the books already revealed in the trailer. Many things that won’t make proper sense. Characters appearing which are not in the books or are in the wrong places at the wrong time. The deviations from the books have not done season 1 any favor, on the contrary, they have muddled up matters. So I am actually fearing the worst. Brace for impact. I’d better not mention the music for the trailer. Even a completely random choice would likely have been better. The video games that made the Witcher stories popular are called The Witcher. Not Grand Theft Auto.

  13. Hmm so far some reviews from the first 2 episodes seem to praise the emotional depth and the production values. I love the books with all my heart but I’ll try to be open minded and enjoy an au of these books. And I hope it will be superb and I’ll have to love both the original material and the show. My only wish is not to alter the relationships between the main protagonists and their love and family aspect. And since they’re follow the books 1:1, more yenralt pleasr🙏

  14. From some interviews you posted earlier – Anya’s in particular – we can forget the cute Yen and Ciri moments this season. 😤 I think you’re right in every spoiler. They’ll focus more in Geralt /Ciri this year and introduce Ciri to Yen but the pay off will come later. Why? The book was brilliant in that regards. And what about Geralt and Yen’s relationship. That needs fixing too. You change one thing and then the rest collapse like a domino. Why did they have to involve the wish? Now, no them taking care of each other when they’re broken up, no regrets, hope, fear and longing. 🙄 And what is the dear friend letter? I’m sure it will be on name only a Geralt-Yen episode but I don’t hope it will deepen their relationship at all. Geralt will be busy protecting Ciri and Yen being with the mages and do her stuff. I’m done with it.

  15. I wonder why so much content is changed compared to the books. Jaskier at Kaer Morhen. Many Witchers at Kaer Morhen. Fights at Kaer Morhen. Eskel dying at Kaer Morhen. Michelet brothers and Rience at Ellander. Yennefer and Fringilla captured together by Elves. Geralt and Ciri together fighting an unknown creature which never appeared in that form in the books. Apart from some figures appearing under the same name, it all gives me the feeling that the story gets ever more decoupled from the books. That is very concerning. In the recent series Foundation on Apple TV, the attempt was to follow the famous book series of Isaac Asimov, but very quickly the screenwriters turned it into something very much remote from the book material, with disappointing results. The Witcher Season 2 is at risk of a similar development of delivering a story that is unrecognizable to readers of the books, and maybe even deviating a lot from the spirit of the narrative and character development in the books. I daresay that won’t be helpful for the prospect of further installments of the series. I would agree that not all of the storytelling in the Witcher books is always great and that it would have to be changed at some points for film adaptation, but there are as yet already several changes from the books which actually have not led to improvement, but rather have created confusion for non-book readers. And occasionally, also for book readers.

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