The Witcher to make an early crucial reveal in Season 2


We are eagerly waiting for some exciting news at the Lucca Comics & Games Festival on October 29 where Netflix will present The Witcher alongside showrunner Lauren Hissrich, Joey Batey, Kim Bodnia, costume designer Lucinda Wright and production designer Andrew Laws. But before that happens, we figured sweeten the wait with some other info we managed to get recently.

Warning: book spoilers if you haven’t read them!

Probably every Witcher book fan who has seen the show at one point has wondered, how would Netflix handle the Emhyr Var Emreis/Duny reveal since the books can do it easily, but in the show actual actors are involved and that can be quite tricky. Even trickier if you consider that more than half of the fandom has played The Witcher 3 and that particular reveal isn’t really a reveal to them.

Now we have learned that Netflix has decided not to try prolonging this “secret” for several seasons and reveal that Duny is Emhyr in Season 2 instead. That will be done subtly towards the end of the season with a face reveal. Moreover, Bart Edwards’ character has been referred to as “Duny/Emhyr” on multiple occasions during the production.

Bart Edwards as Duny/Emhyr in Season 1

While the book version of the reveal will forever be more satisfying and interesting, this change is completely understandable from a practical standpoint since Netflix’s The Witcher doesn’t recast its characters with older versions of themselves which we have seen on multiple occasions in the first season.

Lucca Comics & Games is less than a week away and that means an official trailer may be around the corner as well! Stay tuned for more news!

8 comments on “The Witcher to make an early crucial reveal in Season 2”

  1. Perhaps they should consider casting Charles Dance…bit old now, but we know that on other occasions the age of actors has been a secondary matter compared to what the characters were described to like in the books.

  2. So does this confirm that Bart Edwards will be Emhyr for the remainder of the series ?
    I hope he has the charisma to pull it off. Most of us know Emhyr with the voice and gravitas of Charles Dance.

  3. I understand the move, however if they would cast charles dance – the most beloved and talented actor in this genre it would be like killing two birds with one stone. Henry will not be enough to make this a worldwide hit like GOT

  4. I don’t think I’d mind the change. I mean, it’s understandable and the witcher book series is not a series that it’s amazing bc of its twists. The twists are great, don’t get me wrong, but the series is so much more, the philosophical aspects, the moral dilemmas, the characters and their relationships are some of the factors that make the witcher stand out from other fantasy series and what make the books better the 2nd or 3rd time. I just hope they’ll age the actor with make up bc in s1 nobody seemed to age.

    1. you are right, you understand the depth and real value of witchers world – like Sapkowski wanted it to reflect human nature and history of manking, but all we will be getting will be Hmmmm and Fucq. They do not know how to adapt his work and instead pour a lot of their pc bs

  5. I take it the proposal of casting Charles Dance was not meant seriously. He is 75 now. The series might go on for another 5 years – then he would be 80. Perhaps he won’t have the appetite for putting himself in front of camera by then. Well, one never knows. But any actor who is 60 now would already be a bit too old for the role of Emhyr. Provided the series really goes on for another 5 years. By then, Freya Allen and Anna Shaffer would also be a bit old for their roles. (In the books, Triss is described to look like she was, I think, 16, anyway younger than 20.) On the other hand, Anya Chalotra would approach the right age for Yennefer.

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