Everything we know so far about The Witcher Season 3

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The second season of The Witcher is a few months away, due December 17, 2021 and we already are getting some news about the next one! Quite an exciting time to be a Witcher fan! Here we try to recap everything we know so far about The Witcher Season 3

The Witcher Season 3 renewal status:

Officially, Netflix announced the renewal of the hit series on September 25, 2021, but rumours have been circulating since 2018/2019. According to those, Netflix internally and quietly assured and/or renewed three seasons of The Witcher ahead of the release of Season 1. The second season was renewed back in November 2019, and now we have a confirmation for the third season.

The writers of The Witcher Season 3

As we reported before, the writing for The Witcher Season 3 started back in July 2021. We said at the time that the writers room would stay largely the same with a few new additions and promotions. Today we learned who some of them are.

Most notable and experienced of the new writers is Emmy winner Javier Grillo-Marxuach, who has worked on such projects as Lost, The 100, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance the original Charmed and more. We’re excited to see what he brings to the table!

Next up is Troy Dangerfield, whose name will be familiar because he is also one of the writers for The Witcher: Blood Origin. Dangerfield’s other projects include Castle, the upcoming Tomb Raider anime, Tokens and more.

Moving up in the writers room is also Clare Higgins, who was the writers’ assistant back in Season 1 and co-wrote an episode for Season 2 for The Witcher. Now Higgins is officially a full staff writer for The Witcher.

There is one more new writer, we heard, who has also moved up from a previous Witcher occupation, but we don’t know who it is at the moment.

The remaining writers include Lauren Hissrich, Michael Ostrowski and Matthew D’Ambrosio, who have all worked both on Season 1 and Season 2 of The Witcher. Beau DeMayo, Haily Hall, Declan de Barra and Sneha Koorse are all moving on to other projects.

For instance, de Barra right now seems way too busy to write for Season 3 since he’s the showrunner for Blood Origin. Perhaps later on he will return for Season 4 or head another spinoff.

When and where will The Witcher Season 3 start production?

The answer to this question largely depends on Henry Cavill and his very busy schedule. He’s been filming his new film Argylle since August 2021 and is about to begin filming for Enola Holmes 2. He will be probably able to wrap both projects before Arborfield Studios is free in November/December 2021.

That said, Deadline reported that filming for The Rosie Project, another new Henry Cavill movie, would begin in early 2022, but these schedules move around and it’s not set in stone yet. There is also a Highlander reboot, for which Cavill was very excited.

All in all, the Season 3 schedule will depend on when Henry will pause doing films for about 5-7 months and film The Witcher. That could either be Winter, Spring 2022 or perhaps even the second half of 2022. We will learn more about the schedules of those films as time goes by, which, in turn will make the Season 3 window clearer.

As for the location where the next season will be filmed, we have heard for many months that Netflix could relocate its Witcher headquarters from Arborfield Studios over to Longcross Studios.

That seems more and more of a possibility now that it has been confirmed that the streamer has signed a deal to use Longcross Studios for several years. The initial plan, as we heard rumours of, was to do this with Blood Origin, but Covid got in the way.

Now, we’re hearing that Longcross will indeed become home to The Witcher, while Arborfield may be used for one or more of the upcoming Star Wars projects.

This is pretty much everything we know so far about The Witcher Season 3. As we have brand new footage of Season 2 to digest, stay tuned for more analysis!

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  1. We have to wait and see what Season 2 will be like. The positive thing is that they have hired a really experienced writer. So, if it turns out that there is need to pull the cart out of the mud, or Geralt on Roach for that matter, he can probably pull it off. On the other hand, it might signal a larger deviation from the book material which perhaps is not a good sign. On reflection, perhaps not so much: depending on how fast the narrative progresses in Season 2, parts of Season 3 could already be based on the 3rd book “Baptism of Fire” and that is the one I liked least – in my opinion the storytelling in that book is weaker than in the others. Hiring an experienced, successful screen writer seems a logical step to get safely over the cliffs that have built up in the original material.

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