Henry Cavill teases The Witcher Season 2 ahead of Netflix’s upcoming TUDUM event

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On September 25, Netflix will host another event similar to its previous Geeked Week where they have promised to deliver more news (and hopefully some footage) for many of their upcoming shows, including The Witcher‘s second season. With the event just days away, Netflix has recruited Henry Cavill to tease what’s coming, and Geralt of Rivia himself had even more to say about season two in a recent interview.

“Witcher fans, I can assure you that the new season will be full of plenty of -” and this is where the video cuts off, unfortunately. The video then suggests we will hear Cavill complete this sentence (and hopefully some more) in the upcoming TUDUM event which is described as “a Global Fan Event coming September 25 at 9am PST / 12pm EST / 5pm BST on YouTube”.

Fortunately, however, Cavill has shared some interesting details about season two in a recent Entertainment Weekly interview.

On discovering Geralt’s paternal side with Freya Allan’s Ciri

In the show’s first season, Geralt was introduced as a strong, silent monster slayer who often gets himself involved in the machinations of powerful men and women. Though he pretends to be a cold-hearted killer, it quickly becomes clear that the monster slayer has a heart of gold. “[Geralt’s] got this deep down White Knight Syndrome, even though every time he acts upon it, it gets him into some serious trouble — and puts him and everyone else in a worse position than initially intended.”

With Geralt finally finding Ciri at the end of the season, we’re set to see a completely different side of the character. “With Ciri, she’s definitely bringing out the paternal side of Geralt. While he hasn’t necessarily been someone who craved children, he does take quite naturally to being a protector.”

According to Cavill, their scenes will focus on Ciri’s journey and her experience, “and what she is feeling about this awakening of who she is and discovering these powers that she has.” Geralt will stand beside Ciri and support her as she discovers who she is and what she is capable of.

“I really wanted to avoid him being too one tunnel,” Cavill told EW. “Even though he may be dark and mysterious at times, I wanted him to come across as this incredible character that [Sapkowski] wrote. Those are things that I really pushed for and tried very hard to get into the show.”

On Geralt relationship with his own paternal figure, Kim Bodnia’s Vesemir

Now that Netflix has released the anime film Nightmare of the Wolf, fans of the series have already been introduced to Netflix’s version of Vesemir. In the show’s second season, we will meet a much older and wiser version of the character, more akin to the Vesemir fans of the franchise know from the novels and video games. This version of the character will be portrayed by Killing Eve‘s Kim Bodnia, who brings something special to the role according to Cavill.

“Kim and I were discussing the emotionality of these characters, and Kim brings some powerful emotion to [the role] and a real sense of soul and heart and connection to the wild and connection to nature. It’s beautiful to watch and beautiful to be a part of. Some of my favorite scenes I got to perform with Kim. He does bring something really special to the character, and I think people are really going to enjoy it.”

Cavill isn’t the first to commend Bodnia’s performance as Vesemir, as showrunner Lauren Hissrich has called his casting ‘perfection’ during WitcherCon. “We were shooting a scene in the Kaer Morhen lab between Vesemir and Ciri,” Hissrich said. “It took an entire day to shoot, and we struggled with it because it’s such an emotional scene and so much happens. It’s probably my favorite scene of the season. It is so beautifully acted and glorious. I cry every time I watch the scene.”

We can only hope that the upcoming TUDUM event this Saturday will reveal a trailer for season two, but we wouldn’t mind seeing some behind-the-scenes footage either. Tell us what you expect from the upcoming Netflix event in the replies.

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