PHOTO: The Witcher prequel to film in the Icelandic Viking Village


Production on the Witcher prequel Blood Origin in Iceland is progressing very quickly with filming taking place at Nauthúsagil waterfall among other locations. A lot of the known cast are in Iceland including Michelle Yeoh, Sophia Brown, Laurence O’Fuarain, Tut Nyuot and more.

In the near future, the cameras will be moved to the Viking Village near Vestrahorn Mountain and we were lucky enough to come across a very rich set of photographs thanks to Danish photographer Anja Robanke, to whom go all the photo credits below:

And in the following photo we can see a sign in Hen Linge, clearly created by David J. Peterson. The words seem to be pronounced as “phelboisht* phaierh*” as far as we can decipher.

This Viking Village was created in 2010 as a future movie set for one of the Icelandic films that was never filmed and was instead used as a tourist attraction. Now production of a much larger scale will put the village to good use.

Currently the village is in the prep stages with lots of props already in place and filming will very likely begin soon. Here are a few more images from various other sources:

We are excited to see this beautiful location in action when the limited series finally airs sometime next year on Netflix. Until then, we’ll try to find out as much as we can. Stay tuned with us!

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