‘The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf’ Anime Film: August Release Date & What We Know So Far

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The Witcher’s first animated project has been in the works for a long time and we knew about it since before Season 1 even came out, but it is only now that we finally found out when it will arive to our screens.

Written by Beau DeMayo, who wrote episodes Betrayer Moon (103) and Kaer Morhen (202) for the main Witcher series and produced by Lauren Hissrich, Nightmare of the Wolf will tell the story of young Vesemir.

Well, here’s our first look at the man himself:

The release date for Nightmare of the Wolf

It was officially announced during the first WitcherCon event that The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf will be released on Netflix on August 23, 2021.

The trailer for Nightmare of the Wolf

We don’t have a full trailer just yet, but we do have a teaser that gives us a good first glimpse of what is to come:

Adding to that, there is a smaller featurette about Kaer Morhen, which focuses mainly on the old fortress from the games and the second season of the Netflix series, but also has a few shots from Nightmare of the Wolf:

We also got a very interesting Making Of featurette with the creators at Studio Mir and Lauren Hissrich telling how they crafted the anime world of The Witcher:

What will Nightmare of the Wolf will be about?

As mentioned earlier, The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf will focus on younger Vesemir and his adventures. Here is an official synopsis released by Netflix last year:

Long before mentoring Geralt, Vesemir begins his own journey as a witcher after the mysterious Deglan claims him through the Law of Surprise.”

Adding to that, in the featurette above Lauren Hissrich revealed that the anime film will also show us the infamous sack of Kaer Morhen.

Who is among the voice cast for Nightmare of the Wolf?

Sadly, that’s something that hasn’t been revealed yet. We know that Theo James has voiced one line for Young Vesemir in Season 1 of The Witcher and James Baxter will appear in a flashback as Young Vesemir in Season 2.

One of the theories is that the voiceover for the anime could have been done way back before Season 1 and Theo James recorded his line for it while doing his main work for Nightmare of the Wolf. But we shall see.

Only 44 days until we see The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf. Until then, our countdown for both the show and the anime is live.

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