House of the Dragon: Audition tape for Ser Criston Cole revealed in Game of Thrones spinoff

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It has been a minute since we had anything substantial for House of the Dragon, the much anticipated Game of Thrones prequel set 193 years before the main series. While the main cast has mostly been revealed, there are many roles that are yet unknown. One such role is Ser Criston Cole, or as the secretive HBO casting process would have it, Clint.

Last year, the role description for Cole in the HBO series was already revealed by The Illuminerdi: Male – late 20s/30s – Series Regular: Middle Eastern or Mediterranean. Ruggedly handsome, the soul of knighthood and chivalry, a capable warrior.

Criston Cole has an interesting arc as a member of Viserys I Targaryen‘s Kingsguard and then Lord Commander and Hand of the King to his son Aegon. We’re quite excited to see how the show will handle Cole’s interesting and eventful career and much more.

Now we have an audition tape for the role of Clint for a project called Red Gun by Australian actor Firass Dirani. If you have been reading us, you will remember that Red Gun is the codename for House of the Dragon and Clint is obviously Ser Criston Cole. As always with these auditions, remember that the person who uploaded the tape most likely didn’t get the role.

One other warning: these scenes are most likely just written for the auditions and won’t be featured in the show itself. However, they can be a decent first look at the writing quality in a show or a film.

Also, as always happens with these tapes, it will soon be deleted so here’s a transcription of the video:

UPDATE: Sadly, the content was demanded to be taken down by Warner Bros.

HBO’s House of the Dragon is currently slated to enter production in April 2021 for a 2022 release. We’ll keep and eye on things and will share if we find something.

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