Netflix offers a small glimpse at The Witcher Season 2


It has been nearly a year since we saw any official footage of Netflix’s The Witcher. The second season has been in production since February and again since August and there hasn’t been much for them to show us. Today, however, Netflix offered us a tiny little tease of what’s to come in Season 2.

In a new Halloween video among all of the Season 1 footage, we can see two shots from Season 2 of The Witcher in a “blink and you’ll miss it” fashion:

And here are the shots themselves. We tried to brighten up the first one a little bit, but you still can’t see a whole lot in there.

A blue eye..
Spooky skeletons

Is this it or can we expect something more soon? Maybe a teaser for at least 30 seconds? We sure hope so!

6 comments on “Netflix offers a small glimpse at The Witcher Season 2”

  1. Seems the show gets ever more distant from the books. Already in season 1 the character stories of Cahir and Fringilla deviate a lot from the books and I cannot see how that will be reconciled with the book material later. Lauren Hissrich is writing her own private Witcher saga. That is concerning. Hasn’t she stated the show would largely follow the books? I must say though – I have read all the books and I know most of the games. In my opinion, there are some good episodes in the books, but not all what’s in the books is excellent writing. The overarching story and character developments leave much to be desired. Some plot lines feel very conventional and not at all magic. At some points I was disappointed. The games, especially Witcher 3 and its extensions, do a better job at unfolding the story and sometimes the interactions between the characters are more interesting than in the books. Well, just my opinion. Yet, as I see it, in season 1 the screenplay has not really helped to improve the weaknesses of the books but has added new ones out of nowhere. Opportunity missed, and I wonder if that goes on. My advice to Netflix would be to get better screenwriters. That is far more important than discussion about the appearance of some actors.

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