New pictures from The Witcher set: Close-ups of the Nilfgaardian armor, Francesca’s dress and more


Netflix is currently filming a big scene for the second season of The Witcher at Fountains Abbey in Northern UK. Earlier today, we were lucky enough to get you a first look at the revised Nilfgaardian armor as well as new cast member Mecia Simson (Francesca Findabair) in full costume. Now, we have a whole barrage of new photos from the set at Fountains Abbey.

Take a look at these really fresh images, all courtesy of photographer photographer Terry Blackburn and The Daily Mail.

The common Nilfgaardian armor variant, notice the fearsome visors
A closeup of Mecia Simson as Francesca Findabair
Cahir and Francesca Findabair, whose dress is adorned with peacock feathers

For a selection of more images from The Daily Mail, take a look at the gallery below, featuring Mecia Simson (Francesca), Mimi Ndiweni (Fringilla) and Eamon Farren (Cahir). Do check out their article for even more photos from the set.

The scenes were filmed in the Studley Royal Water Garden, adjacent to Fountains Abbey where the team set up a Nilfgaardian camp yesterday. The large set apparently attracted many onlookers, some of whom were able to get us a great view at the overall setup.

Tim Yarborough shared these interesting photos on Facebook, showing what looks like a large gathering of Nilfgaardians and elves in the making.

We’ve also been hearing that the Witcher team are now preparing for another shoot, this time within the ruins of Fountains Abbey. Several onlookers reported that filming will take place there sometime next week.

Katie Sharpe brought us this fantastic photo of what are probably elven banners, judging from the intricate star-like muster and the earthy colors.

Also interesting is this setup of braziers captured by James M Howard on Facebook. Could it be used for some kind of ritual?

Below we’ve gathered even more Witcher goodness shared by onlookers today. Credits go to Katie Sharpe and Leah Taylor

This has been an exciting day for witcher fans and it looks like the crew isn’t done filming at Fountains Abbey. Tell us what you think of the new developments in the comments or on twitter and as always stay tuned!

7 comments on “New pictures from The Witcher set: Close-ups of the Nilfgaardian armor, Francesca’s dress and more”

    1. It’s another of the changes, another direct contradiction against book even it in general scope it’s a minor change:

      “I will,’ the elf suddenly turned serious. ‘I will not pay tribute to the Aedirn king. I want
      Dol Blathanna to be a freehold. Without the bond of vassalage, beyond the pledge of
      allegiance and not to act against the sovereign.’
      ‘Demavend will not accept this,’ Philippa said laconically. ‘He will not give us the profits
      and revenues from the Valley of Flowers.’
      ‘On that issue,’ Francesca raised her eyebrows, ‘I am willing to engage in bilateral
      negotiations, I’m sure we can reach a consensus. A freehold is not required to pay tribute, but
      payment is not necessarily prohibited or excluded.’
      ‘And what about succession rights?’ asked Philippa. ‘What about the right of
      primogeniture? Agreeing to a freehold, Demavend will require guarantees of the indivisibility
      of the Principality.’
      ‘Demavend,’ Francesca smiled again, ‘may be fooled by my skin and figure, but you
      surprise me, Philippa. It has been a long, long time since I passed the age of being able to get
      pregnant. As far as birthrights and successions, Demavend has nothing to fear. I am the
      ultimus familiae of the royal house of Dol Blathanna. However, despite the age difference
      between me and Demavend, I will not be dealing with him, but his grandchildren’s great-
      grandchildren. I assure you, ladies that in this respect there are no disputes.'”

      Still it only shows they have their own vision and are not trying to adapt books faithfully. They came up with so many changes and alterations in first season completely reshaping entire arch and characters that this trend is onyl expected to deepen as the time goes by.

  1. Nothing against Mimi Ndiweni, but her character’s outfit and look seem to channel the “independent, controlling” type rather than “scheming seductress”. I just can’t see how she is going to seduce Henry Cavill.

    1. I doubt she is going to. It looks like they are going to change this part of storyline too. Mimi Ndiweni is playing a rather different personality from Fringilia in the books. Her background is completely different, so most probably her part in the story will be severely altered as well.

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