Basil Eidenbenz confirmed as new Eskel in The Witcher Season 2


It was not long ago when Thue Ersted Rasmussen announced his departure from the role of Eskel in Netflix’s The Witcher due to scheduling conflicts caused by the Coronavirus pandemic and in our last piece we suggested that Victoria actor Basil Eidenbenz could be his replacement.

Deadline has now confirmed that Eidenbenz has indeed been cast as the new Eskel for the second season of The Witcher.

As we know and as Deadline points out, Thue Rasmussen had already shot some of his scenes earlier this year. That means the Kaer Morhen scenes that were filmed in recent weeks were in fact reshoots.

Here’s the full statement from Rasmussen on the situation:

We can now officially welcome Basil to the Witcher family and wish him good luck on The Path.

3 comments on “Basil Eidenbenz confirmed as new Eskel in The Witcher Season 2”

  1. Hi, i found that a really bad choice :'( Basil looks too young, too fragile to Play Eskell, it’s far from Eskell in books or games. I know we can’t do anything about that but I trust the serie to make him great for this role!

  2. As I’m still new to The Witcher, attempting to absorb books, games, lore and show all at once, I was reading this entire page wondering ‘Who in the bloody buggering Fouk is Eskel?’ But that thought was interrupted by Tormund GiantsBane’s crazy ass face and I had to stop and laugh in surprise. Apparently that actor will be joining the cast as well!
    I hope he doesn’t change a thing from his TRIUMPHANT…PERFORMANCE!
    from GoT. He was the only redeeming quality of the last half of the whole damn show.

    Clegane: ‘You want to suck my dick? That it?’
    Tormund, bewildered: ‘Dick…?’
    Clegane: ‘Cock.’
    Tormund ChickenEater: ‘Ah, “Dick”…I like it.’
    Sandor Clegane, Most Savage Man in Westros: ‘I bet you do.’
    Now back to your scheduled news update for ‘The Mighty Witcha!’

  3. Comon Eskel is suppose to be same age as Geralt, and they are both suppose to have this mature vibe of being even older then they look and slightly worn out by decades on the path.. are we suppose to buy this??? I dont know he sure is gorgeous but way to young and pretty for Eskel lol he looks more like a model than a witcher lol. and complete opposite form previous casting. Thue Rasmussen actually looked manly and more mature and had a witcher quality about him and prefect face for Eskel. I feel sorry for this actor because I can already see he will catch a lot of hate and flak over it and it is not his fault, it’s the fault of horrible casting directors. I wish him luck tho maybe they prove me wrong…

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