‘The Witcher: Nightmare of The Wolf’ animated film to tell Vesemir’s story


After the success of The Witcher, Netflix has announced Nightmare of the Wolf, an animated film that will be released sometime before Season 2. Surprisingly, we won’t hear Henry Cavill in this one as it will be about Geralt’s mentor and father figure, Vesemir.

The official description reads: “Long before mentoring Geralt, Vesemir begins his own journey as a witcher after the mysterious Deglan claims him through the Law of Surprise.”

This is certainly an original story and it will be exciting to see where it takes the old wolf we know and love from the games. But who will voice Vesemir?

It’s possible that Vesemir will be voiced by the same man who voiced him in Season 1: Theo James (Divergent, Underworld). Towards the end of season one’s finale we hear one line by Vesemir which is voiced by James. It’s not out of the question that he recorded that line during the voice sessions for Nightmare of the Wolf. Theo James has already done quite a bit of voice acting for Netflix on Castlevania and The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, so this wouldn’t be new for him.

Other than Theo James, we have reported that voice actress Harriet Kershaw has provided her voice for “various roles”. It could very well be for this project.

Nightmare of the Wolf is expected to release before season two of The Witcher (which is slated for release in 2021). We look forward to hearing more about this project and perhaps seeing a teaser very soon.

18 comments on “‘The Witcher: Nightmare of The Wolf’ animated film to tell Vesemir’s story”

  1. Does everyone need an origin story in the Netflix universe?

    One of the source material’s defining features is that it all kinda starts in medias res, with characters already living their lives with established relationships and set goals.

  2. Yeah what the hell is with the obsession with back stories? I’m telling you Lauren wants to make the whole Witcher saga hers. Not a comma of Sapkowski’s left.

  3. Okay, it’s official. They’re going to milk this to infinity and back, just like Disney does with Star Wars.

  4. Once upon a time I would find this concept cool – especially as they are trying to make Vesemir a more important character. Now, after seeing how incompetent writers are at creating something on their own, I’m not excited.

  5. At least that means they won’t spoil the original story, just as the show has / will. That is, they can still hinder the construction of the world and I’m sure they do – but, fortunately, the story itself is not related to the main narrative;

  6. It’s a relatively new phenomena that I think has come out of the superhero MCU. Now everyone wants to know the origins of everything and it ends up taking away from the potential stories that could be getting told.

  7. I’d be perfectly fine with it if it’s done like CDPR’s games that made great representations of the world and characters, had superb acting and an amazing story.

    But from what we have seen, I really doubt it.

    1. Lucas, you don’t need to leave 8 comments. Take your time, compose your thoughts, and write up a comment that’s worth reading and responding to. You’ve made several points, but also regurgitated the same point several times.

      Since they’ve hired 2 more directors for the second season, I’m hopeful that having more oversight on the direction of the story will improve the cohesion and character arcs of the story.

  8. You should have produced a series “Vesemir”. What do you know about Vesemir? He is old, he is the oldest “sorcerer” in Kaer Morhan, he is an armorer, he rocked Triss on his knees. Space for lots of imagination and creativity. And no stupid books that you have to read. Vesemir could have been a black woman who is in the wrong body and also disabled. And he also helps the poor and takes from the rich and reveres social justice. That would do everyone justice. 🙂

  9. I mean, if you need a voice actor for Vesemir then logically an actor who’s said he’s interested and is a very experienced voice actor in the business should be your first port of call.

    That said, if they’re going way back to Vesemir as a young man, Mark Hamill may not sound quite right for it any more.

    1. I’m gonna catch shit for this but giving Mark Hamill his due he is a great voice actor but he is over rated there are so many other possibilities that could portray Vesemir, he is old and very seasoned as a character he is not pretty to look at and looking at Mark as Vesemir I dont see it all I see is a cry baby Luke Skywalker

  10. Hissrich has said that she has plans to make 7 seasons of Witcher… How she’s going to make 6 seasons from the 5 books of the Saga is anyone’s guess. The ending to this first season was so abrupt, that it was abysmal.
    I know they say good television should “always leave them wanting more”, but THEY ONLY RESOLVED ONE PLOT POINT AT THE END OF THE FIRST SEASON.

    And now they’re gonna develop a backstory for Vesemir (a very important character, I grant you) in an animated movie, only to tear the immersion away when they introduce his live action version in Season 2…

    I’m pretty sure there’s more important things they should be working on right now, like explaining why Nilfgaard has become a cult-like theocracy. In the books, the Nilfgaardian Empire was a commentary on authoritarianism; everyone’s continued existence was permitted solely to benefit the Stalin-esque ruler.

    1. That final point you mention is stated when Istredd is talking about the common good. The cult of the great sun is massively important to how the emperor is perceived. The Witcher board game is the main source of the info though, its more semi canon

    2. There’s now knowing how they are going to divide the content of the novels into seasons (though I suspect that roughly one novel per season is possible, with longer one like say The Lady of the Lake getting two seasons, so those would be sixth and seventh if the number of seven seasons is what they really aim for). Unfortunately the novels are much more difficult to adapt than the short stories, besides all the established changes will have lasting consequences to the events of the future seasons (affecting things as far into the future as those of Lady of the Lake, particularly character dynamic, since in first season Cahir and Fringilla know each other, then events of the future in Toussaint will be somewhat different if they will not be completely changed from book version). As for Vesemir origin story well, even Sapkowski did not give us that, but I guess it will be standalone story, still no knew who will play Vesemir in season 2 though.

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