Season 2 spoiler report: The Witcher to adapt more short stories


As all of you have already seen, the first season of Netflix’s The Witcher covers roughly the first two collections of Andrzej Sapkowski’s short stories: The Last Wish and Sword of Destiny, however, only eight of them made it into the first season of the eight-part Henry Cavill drama. But where does that leave the rest? For a long time there was no answer to this question, but now there is!

Spoilers ahead!

We found out that at least one short story will make it into Season 2: A Grain of Truth. If you recall, that’s the one where Geralt meets Nivellen, a man who was cursed and turned into a beast.

We have learned that a version A Grain of Truth will appear very early in the second season and will differ from the source material in a significant way. In the books, only one protagonist meets Nivellen: Geralt. In the show, however, Geralt and Ciri will make a stop at his estate on their way to Kaer Morhen.

Nivellen and Geralt (art by Egor Gafidov)

While this is a deviation from the books, it would be a good opportunity to show some of the fun banter between Geralt and Ciri and an opportunity for Ciri to see Geralt in action. Considering that in the show Geralt and Ciri first meet in the final moments of Season 1 and show’s version of Sword of Destiny doesn’t feature Geralt and their real first meeting, this could be a good idea to try and compensate that.

But will A Grain of Truth be the only short story adapted in Season 2 or will there be others like Eternal Fire, A Shard of Ice or A Little Sacrifice? It’s hard to say at this point, but Royce Pierreson confirmed his return in Season 2 as Istredd, so there is a possibility for some version of A Shard of Ice at least.

In the meantime, here’s a bit of nostalgia with this tweet from showrunner Lauren Hissrich back in January 2018 when she was still developing an outline for Season 1.

Which actor are you hoping to see as Nivellen? Let us know!

45 comments on “Season 2 spoiler report: The Witcher to adapt more short stories”

  1. I’d love “A Little Sacrifice” to be covered, mainly for Essie Davin.

    The way they ended the season leaves scope for new takes on existing Lore, so even book readers will be guessing. its brilliant.

  2. I hope so. “Blood of Elves” is pretty short book, maybe too short for the entire season. I guess, the relation between Geralt and Yennefer requires some more development, to make their reunion in “Time of Contempt” probably, S03, more credible.

  3. Furdik is the most money/time effective in whole EU.
    Fight with Renfri was so good because Cavil fight with his familiar stunt mistress and they training for weeks in privacy.

    And you are only pissed racist Hungarian because better Czech warriors wins and free your Slovak colony 🙂

  4. This is fantastic news. I had been harassing them with this question in the Q&A’s on reddit, and this explains why the producer answered me “wink wink ;)” at one point !

    My favorite short story, ever. I think it will work perfectly well with Ciri added to fill in their missing first meeting. Though it’s a bad too bad as that story was really good for its feeling of isolation.

    How did you learn about this by the way, is it really, really confirmed ?

    1. Can’t reveal the source I’m afraid, but it’s a reliable one. Nothing is officially confirmed though, the story might still be subject to changes. At this point, it’s up to you to trust us or not.

  5. The best part in this story is when Nivelen full on rushes Geralt and G just takes out the sword out and gets into fighting stance. This is badass, because every other person ever has run away as we learn from Nivelen’s dialougue. This paint Geralt as a pro badass. But with Ciri in the story this bit is lost. I’d rather see this story as a flashback when Ciri and Geralt reflects on his adventures whil riding to Kaer Morhen

  6. the issue is not that you are a racist, probably you are not. But to say the funny strigga fight from W1 is better than what we got? that is insane. Wiedźmin is Sapkowski’s short story written in 1985, published in 1986 and it does not represent later Geralt all that good. I’m so happy they changed it and Geralt does not brainlessly slay stupid fuckers in taverns like he does in this story. Every single thing they changed here they changed for a reason, a very good reason.

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