Something ends, something begins – the Warsaw premiere before the big day

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It is important to say that the event was prepared with fans in mind. For the first time in the world, over 400 people gathered in a great hall of Sluzewiec Venue had the opportunity to see the first three episodes of the series. For a moment we thought that the choice of event location – the horse racing track – was not accidental and we would have the opportunity to meet Roach!  

Lauren Hissrich, source:

The opportunity to meet The Witcher cast before screening was an amazing experience. Anya, Freya, Joey and Henry approach the fans with a lot of warmth and enthusiasm. They answered a few questions on the short panel before the screening and took some pictures with the fans. Lauren pointed out at the panel that this particular premiere is very important to her and the whole series, because it was prepared for all of us – fans.


Anya in her silver-white dress looked dazzling. Honestly? We were speechless when we realized or actually confirmed our opinion that Anya is perfect for the role of Yennefer. The story of the sorceress from Vengerberg was expanded to include the events that happened several decades ago, as we already know from interviews and trailers. In fact, it is probably one of the most interesting parts of the series and of course the best character performance.

Next to Anya’s great performance, Joey should be mentioned. After watching the first three episodes, we can assure you that his understanding of Jaskier’s character was perfectly matched.

Henry was, above all, a great man. He tried to take a picture with all and give autograph to each of the fans. Maybe that’s why we started watching the first three episodes almost an hour later. But it was worth the wait!


In my opinion, the Netflix series will prove to be a great success, but they should remember to improve mistakes. In some scenes, the CGI is too offensive – especially in monster fight scenes. They should remember to employ the right amount of extras, because the background feels empty. They should also work on the amount of high sounds in one scene. Some actions performed by the actors were predictable and too obvious. There is little room for guesses.

It’s getting better from episode to episode. You can see there is a good approach to the Witcher story. If only the first episode was divided into two and extended with political explanations… it would have improved much.

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