New IGN video reveals artwork of the Witcher’s Kaer Morhen and more

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IGN has been promising a month worth of content from their visit to the set of The Witcher earlier this year and now they’re back with a new video featuring Henry Cavill as well as some brand-new images and footage from the anticipated Netflix series.

First things first, the clip includes some stunning artwork of Geralt of Rivia in a cave and the Kikimore that will appear in Episode one.

This might be the Tarnok quarry where the show filmed extensively during season one
An early design of the Kikimore

Perhaps most exciting though, it also just revealed concept art for the show’s version of the Witcher’s keep Kaer Morhen, which Henry talks about in the video.

Kaer Morhen

There is also more behind-the-scenes footage, featuring Geralt on a rock, riding Roach and taking a stroll in Blaviken, with the dead Kikimore in tow.

In another scene, we see Geralt arriving at a camp with his buddy Jaskier (Joey Batey) just barely hanging by. As revealed by a clapperboard, the scene will feature in episode five and it’s a safe bet it will depict the events of the The Last Wish. The duo, having barely survived an encounter with a Djinn, seek help in the nearby city of Rinde, where Geralt will also incidentally cross paths with a certain sorceress for the first time.

The clapperboard showing episode 5

The show seems to have added some additional scenes to the episode. A zoomed-in shot shows actor Martin Angerbauer, who is credited as playing a militia guard in episode five. Judging from that, it looks like Geralt and Jaskier will run into a town militia before they make it to Rinde.

Martin Angerbauer
More militia guards

More IGN content is to come later this month, including behind-the-scenes footage of the show’s climactic Battle of Sodden. The Witcher releases December 20.

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