The Witcher Season 2 may begin pre-production this month


Netflix’s The Witcher is premiering on December 20, but that doesn’t mean the team behind the Henry Cavill series is resting on their laurels. It has been reported that season two may start filming either in December or January and now we have something that would support this claim.

A UK-based prop maker expressed their excitement over joining The Witcher team at the end of this month, if all goes well. If they begin pre-production at the end of November, they would normally start filming a couple of weeks after.

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But that is not all! A large portion of their resume are projects that have been produced at Shepperton Studios, UK. We’ve already reported back in October that The Witcher may not return to Hungary for season two.

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We speculated at the time that since Shepperton Studios was about to become Netflix’s British production hub, The Witcher would be produced there from now on. Now all the clues seem to fall into place.

There isn’t an official announcement yet, but everything points to one thing: season two is happening and it’s happening sooner than expected.

If they start production of season two in the coming two months, when would it drop on Netflix? Production of the first season will have taken roughly 14 months from filming to release. Having that number in mind, Q1 2021 (January – April) would be a safe bet.

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