The Witcher trailer to air on October 31 during panel at Lucca Comics and Games event, author Andrzej Sapkowski to attend


And there we have it: a release date for the anticipated trailer of the upcoming Netflix series, The Witcher. Airing during a panel hosted at Lucca Comics and Games, the trailer will release on October 31. Presenting The Witcher at the panel will be series author Andrzej Sapkowski, showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich and lead actresses Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan who portray Yennefer and Ciri respectively.

But that’s not all. The Witcher will, apparently, transform the city of Lucca, Italy into “The Continent” (the world of The Witcher) for the duration of the festival. On the show floor, Netflix will raise an exhibition of the show’s costumes, and likely other Witcher-themed props and decorations. And still, that’s not all.

Other than the first panel, where the trailer will air, a second panel on November 1 will feature several key members of the production: Executive Producer Tomek Baginski, who was the one to pitch the original movie to Netflix before it became a show, Costume Designer Tim Aslam of Black Sails fame, and production designer Andrew Laws. They are expected to “tell the public anecdotes and curiosities about the creation of the series” throughout the panel. Will they be asked about the Nilfgaardian armour set? We’ll find out!

Earlier, Lucca Comics and Games reported that Andrzej Sapkowski would attend their event, but little did we know it was for The Witcher on Netflix!

That means we only have to wait three more weeks! Be sure to visit our website for an analysis of the trailer, and we’ll put it into the context of our behind-the-scenes series, Redanian Archives.

10 comments on “The Witcher trailer to air on October 31 during panel at Lucca Comics and Games event, author Andrzej Sapkowski to attend”

  1. But the trailer has been out for weeks? You can watch it on YouTube. It’s the release date for the series we are waiting for!

    1. Netflix refer to the first trailer as a teaser. Their terminology, not ours. And the upcoming trailer is sure to reveal the release date as well

  2. For a show titled Witcher why is Geralt not there? Please don’t turn this show into the Yen/Ciri show.

    1. Henry is a very busy man. He was there at the SDCC panel and he’ll likely do a lot of press work before the show releases, but he can’t always be there

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