‘Coming soon’ post raises hopes of new official Witcher promotion

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Fans hungry for more official Witcher promotion from Netflix have cause to get their hopes up once again. PhotoPro Production, the company responsible for the Comic Con shoots of Henry Cavill as Geralt, Anya Chalotra as Yennefer, and Freya Allan as Ciri, have our mouths watering.

The Hungarian company posted a new behind-the-scenes picture with a caption of “coming soon”. Though the image itself won’t igni the world alight, and while the exact promotional strategy for Netflix’s much-anticipated adaptation is a mystery, there are important pieces that can now be pieced together in working out what this could mean.

PhotoPro is among the firms producing official material for the show’s marketing. They have a wide remit. Their website explains: “The company offer castings, professional crews, location scouting, set builders, props, photo equipment rental, creative minds and fixers.”

On its official Instagram, PhotoPro has now shared an image of a keyboard and some labels. Along with a variety of more general Witcher tags, the caption reads: “@witchernetflix coming soon…💥#behindthescene“.

Zoom in closer on those labels, and you might notice that three include the word “portrait”. This would fit with the firm’s previous work on the show.

So, what could this Witcher tease really be about?

It could be that the show itself is “coming soon”, but we know that an exclusive IGN feature going behind-the-scenes on the Witcher set in Hungary has been filmed. It’s entirely possible this would be accompanied by original portraits such as those commissioned for Entertainment Weekly ahead of Comic Con.

Freya Allan as Ciri

Redanian Intelligence has also previously revealed that a contingent of journalists were at Origo Studios in Hungary for a media day, including for interviews with Cavill. That material has yet to be released. The embargo lifting on that content would, again, require more new images, but is just as likely to be released on the week the show airs as it is next month.

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Netflix has shown real desire to promote The Witcher with some intensity. With the show appearing to be on the same level as Stranger Things in the priority given to marketing, the money just now would be on a second trailer two months out from the expected release date of December 20.

We can safely expect more interviews, more Henry Cavill Instagram posts, and, perhaps most importantly, the reveal of a certain Jaskier, as played by Joey Batey. This means more portraits.

The Hungarian production company, which has also done work for TNT’s Alienist and AMC’s The Terror, scored Netflix a win with their work on the Comic Con posters. After the backlash to the first costume and make-up test of Cavill as Geralt and the Nilfgaardian armour, the pressure was on.

With the exception of some confusion from non-book-reading fans about a silver sword missing from Geralt’s back, the images went down well, and were washed down nicely by the first official footage of the show.

While many of us are still frantically rewatching that teaser trailer, the desire for new content is being widely felt. Let’s hope PhotoPro aren’t too far away from being our saviours.

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