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The Witcher adds Doctor Who costume designer for Season 2, Tim Aslam no longer attached

We have previously reported that Doctor Who and Henry VIII costume designer Lucinda Wright will be joining the crew of Netflix’s The Witcher, but it was unclear what position exactly would she have in the future of the Henry Cavill series. Now we know. We’ve been able to confirm with Netflix what some of us

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UPDATED: Production start date of The Witcher Season 2; Istredd to return and a new costume designer

If you’ve been following our news closely, you’ll remember that we’ve already reported on the approximate production dates for Season 2 of Netflix’s The Witcher. Now we know the exact date when the next season of the series enters production. We’ve learned via a production agency list that filming is currently planned to start on

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Netflix will host a Witcher premiere in Madrid, Spain with Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan

Similar to Los Angeles, London and Warsaw, Netflix will host a premiere of The Witcher in Madrid, Spain on Friday, December 13. Lead actresses Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan are expected to attend. Universo the Witcher, who broke this news, promise an entire Fan Experience and more surprises, so it’s safe to expect the kikimore,

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Executive producer Baginski teases The Witcher animated project

While the first season of The Witcher arrives on Netflix on December 20 and the second starts filming in February 2020, there’s possibly something else in production for the Henry Cavill franchise. Back in September, the NSFW blog Recapped sparked rumours about an animated Witcher series. Here’s what they said: “They were casting for an

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