Author: Gravemaster

The Witcher filming witchhunters at the Tarnok Quarry in February

Although filming has been over for about three weeks, you might have noticed by now that Redanian Intelligence is not nearly done with the scoops for Season 1 of The Witcher. We’re happy to share with you information about filming that occurred in February at the Hungarian Tarnok quarry.

The Witcher filming scenes this April with a surprising character at Tata Castle

Back in April, when filming was in full swing at the Polish Ogrodzieniec castle, another unit was busy at home in Hungary. The filming units, by the way, are called Monster Unit and Mutant Unit. For several days, one of these units filmed scenes at Tata Castle. It is currently unknown what was filmed, but

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New evidence seems to reveal Millie Brady’s replacement as Renfri

“Who is the new Renfri?” This question has been looming over our heads ever since we learned that Millie Brady would no longer be playing the charismatic and dangerous princess from the short story “The Lesser Evil”. About a month ago we made an educated guess, and it seems we weren’t wrong!