Author: Gravemaster

An unexpected character is returning to The Witcher Season 2

It’s been a busy week for Netflix’s The Witcher. We reported about a curious action scene being filmed at Kaer Morhen involving Henry Cavill’s Geralt, Freya Allan’s Ciri along with many new witchers and we followed that up with a report about a number of female characters involved in that storyline as well. Today we

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The Witcher news roundup: cast and crew arriving on set, new cast members and COVID-19 tests

The cast and crew of Netflix’s The Witcher are hard at work at Arborfield Studios, UK, preparing to resume filming in two weeks. Last time we reported that Henry Cavill and Freya Allan had returned to the studio. This time showrunner Lauren Hissrich and Season 2 newcomers Mecia Simson (Francesca Findabair). Paul Bullion (Lambert) is

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The cancelled Game of Thrones prequel featured a character from the original show and other new tidbits

As you most likely know, the first Game of Thrones prequel unofficially titled The Long Night by George R.R. Martin was very short-lived as it was cancelled last year after filming just the pilot episode. Since then, House of the Dragon was announced and casting for the Targaryen civil war adaptation is now underway. But

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