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Who Are The Rats? Introducing The Witcher’s Newest and Most Controversial Characters

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The Witcher Season 3 has dropped its second Volume, which contains the season’s and Henry Cavill’s final three episodes. In the very last episode, Ciri (Freya Allan) comes across a rather colorful band of outlaws called The Rats. Their introduction serves as the beginning of a dark turn in Ciri’s story. The Rats may be

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The Witcher Season 3 Adds Characters from Ciri’s Controversial Rats Plotline

Perhaps the most controversial storyline in Andrzej Sapkowksi’s Witcher Saga involves the young princess Ciri and a band of outlaws who call themselves the Rats. These are a group of teenagers, each of whom has been a victim of Nilfgaard’s campaign to conquer the Continent. Being confronted with the horrors of war at such a

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The Witcher’s Rats Prequel Wraps Filming, Possibly Gets Cut Short

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The second live-action spinoff of Netflix’s The Witcher has been on our radars since November of last year, even though the streamer still hasn’t made an official announcement. Nevertheless, we kept hearing new things about it. And now, it seems, the production for it is over, but much sooner than expected. Rats only filmed for

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Dolph Lundgren Joins The Witcher’s New Spinoff

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Every live-action entry in Netflix’s Witcher Cinematic Universe (WCU) so far has come with a major casting. It began with Henry Cavill’s Geralt casting in the flagship series, Kristofer Hivju in Season 2 and was followed by Michelle Yeoh in the prequel show Blood Origin. The latest Witcher spinoff now in production in South Africa,

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