The Witcher is filming a fight sequence with Blaviken stunt choreographer Wolfgang Stegemann


Perhaps the most well-received scene in The Witcher‘s first season was the fight at the Blaviken marketplace, where Henry Cavill’s Geralt confronted Renfri and her band of outlaws. Considered the show’s best fight scene to date, and perhaps one of television’s best fight scenes, the Blaviken sequence was choreographed by Mission Impossible‘s stunt master Wolfgang Stegemann. As filming continues for The Witcher‘s second season, we’re happy to report that Stegemann has been seen on location with The Witcher‘s cast and crew, and it appears that he is once again involved in the reshoots of a crucial fight scene.

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On the weekend, we reported that director Stephen Surjik has made a surprising return to the set as filming took to Bourne Woods (as well as a description of a scene involving Henry Cavill). Surjik had previously suggested that he had wrapped filming for his episodes (the first and second episodes of season two) and had since transitioned to post-production. It seems, however, that Surjik and showrunner Lauren Hissrich have decided to reshoot certain scenes after putting together the episodes in the editing room.

And now, with master stunt choreographer Wolfgang Stegemann on location and the arrival of several key cast members, we have a pretty good idea which scenes Surjik is filming. This fight scene is likely one we have learned about in September, and will occur in the ruined fortress of Kaer Morhen (and, apparently, in the nearby woods as well).

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Director Stephen Surjik celebrating his return to the set

Naturally, this scene involves Henry Cavill’s Geralt, but he isn’t the only witcher participating in the big fight. Besides Cavill, Basil Eidenbenz’s Eskel was also on location. It is quite likely that Freya Allan’s Ciri, Kim Bodnia’s Vesemir, Paul Bullion’s Lambert, and Yasen Atour’s Coën were on there as well, as they were involved in the fight scene filmed in August. On top of the witchers known to fans of the books and the games, the show is introducing several new witcher characters who will participate in the fight, some of whom have been rehearsing with the show’s stunt team over the past few days.

Who are they fighting? Speculation has been wild with regards to the enemy that can handle so many witchers all at once. Fans have speculated that these witchers are fighting a particularly menacing monster (such as the leshy we have heard will appear in the second season), or perhaps even fighting amongst themselves. As these scenes are shot in secrecy, we’ll have to wait a bit longer for this question to be answered.

As it happens, Stephen Surjik is not the only director now filming The Witcher at Bourne Woods. The Netflix crew is apparently filming multiple episodes in this location, including scenes directed by Sarah O’Gorman (The Last Kingdom, Cursed) and Louise Hooper (Fresh and Blood, Cheat). One of these scenes seems to involve Anya Chalotra’s Yennefer, as onlookers have placed her on location as well. In what may be an entirely separate scene, Tom Canton’s Elven king Filavandrel has also tweeted from the set during the weekend.

Whatever the reason Surjik and Hissrich decided to revisit this fight scene, we’re glad that they were able to bring Wolfgang Stegemann back on board. With him there, we have no doubt that The Witcher is cooking up another epic fight sequence for one of the season’s early episodes.

What happened to The Witcher‘s other fight choreographer then? Well, we’re not quite certain. Before the lockdown the position was occupied by Thomas Hacikoglu, who worked with Stegemann on the Blaviken fight, but currently he seems to be working on the Mission: Impossible films.

Stegemann was also working on them and perhaps he will resume his work later as well. In that case, we don’t know who the main fight choreographer for The Witcher currently is.

If you’re curious to learn some potential spoilers regarding this scene, make sure to read our September report linked below.

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16 comments on “The Witcher is filming a fight sequence with Blaviken stunt choreographer Wolfgang Stegemann”

  1. Those are fantastic news. I was hoping he would come back. The blaviken fight was one of the best fights in a TV show I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to see what he did this time.

    1. when you take a look at original proposition from Vladimir on choreography you will see that they were of great quality as well, for some reason showrunners dumbed them down/edited in peculiar scene. See the one with Cahir soldiers vs Vilgefortz – heaven vs earth difference

  2. Great news!!! ⚔️ The swordfight between Geralt and Renfri and Geralt and her gang was brilliant. I’m glad that Henry Cavill brought him for those reshoots and I’m glad he’s back in s2. Hopefully he’ll design more scenes in the season, I need an epic fight between Geralt and the Michelet Brothers and Geralt and Rience (although with so much going on in s2 right now they may hold that for s3?)

    1. He can do Michelets during 10 days in studio, no problem.
      Much bigger problem will be for them fights with monsters this was speciality of original slavic team who had a lot of experience with filming eastern fairy tales.

  3. it looks more like a mess. mess means additional budget, which means delays etc. I hope that they are gonna greenlight season 3, because otherwise it would be very, very disappointing

  4. With new team in England it is better copy Magyar S1 and reshooting biggest fight in first episodes. Like in gaming industry, where they always do the first level until the last.

  5. Seeing Henry/Geralt swordfighting as in blaviken is a reason to live. That fight on the marketplace was the highlight of s1. I hope Volfgang Stegemann makes his miracle again. A fight with the Michelets and Rience? Yes please. ⚔️ 🐺

  6. Can Henry Cavill become an executive producer next to Lauren Hissrich from s3 and on? He knows this world and loves it and by bringing Stegemann brought us the best fight in TV history. I know he brought a lot in s1 and Hissrich said she let to Henry the talk with the stunt personnel bc he understands them better but I’d like to see his input in the story – especially Geralt’s story.

    1. And not only he understand Geralt better than anyone but he’s also a Geralt & Yennefer shipper so yeah, let him have a word or two in the story. ✌️

    2. Executive producer or not I bet he voices his opinion and they listen to him because he’s very passionate about this world. He brought Stegemann to do the reshoots for ep 1(one of the most well received swordsfight in the show if not in television in general) , he insisted on Geralt voice (remember, originally they wanted a normal English accent voice), he defined the swordstyle of Geralt and Sapkowski said he is the face of his Geralt and he will be forever. There’s no higher compliment than from the creator himself. So don’t worry. Henry’s inputs are appreciated and are listen to.

  7. S1 was great but in s2 I hope we’ll see a more conflicted Geralt and more of his back story. And I can’t wait to get in s3 where Lauren promised she’ll add Geralt’s injuries/disabilities. He’s one of the deepest characters and I can’t wait to see all his layers on screen.

  8. Love what he did with the fight in Blaviken and I can’t wait to see more epic fights like that one in s2. Henry and him work brilliantly together.

  9. His skills will be wasted on directing choreography for some fanfiction fight, I would have preferred if he was making it for the long awaited Michelet Brothers fight. This second season is supposed to be adapting Blood of Elves or so it would seem, but it looks more like it will be loosely inspired by and everything will be invented for the show, nothing of it from the books. Shame I wanted to see the book story not the fanfiction of the script writers but all the news bring constantly new deviations from source material that the story will be unrecognizeable.

  10. Then there is a chance that the fight scenes will turn out to be good. A bit questionable how everything else is set to develop. I must say I am not a too massive fan of some of the book material. There are better fantasy novels. The Witcher character and the Ciri-Yennefer-Geralt destiny narrative are quite good, but a few of the books are terse and lacking in originality. Some ideas in the Witcher Games, 2 and 3 in particular, are more interesting. However the show does not seem to draw appropriate conclusions. In the show they even managed to amplify the parts of the books that aren’t the best parts, or didn’t work out the good parts to their fullest effect. I wonder what they’ll do to important characters like Nenneke, Rience or Phillipa from the books. No trace of them, and they have completely messed up Fringilla’s part so far. And if what we get to see in the pictures is Geralt’s costume, then I would be quite disappointed.

  11. Thats the best news. I was anxious about the swordfights in s2. The blaviken fight was thd best part of s1 and I was praying s2 could keep up with that. Now I feel more confident.

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