Debunked: The Witcher Season 2 night shoots in Swinley Forest

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With production well on its way on Netflix’s second season of The Witcher, every day seems to deliver news on the Henry Cavill series. News has increased significantly this week, as the production has finally left the secretive sets within Arborfield Studios and begun filming in forests near Surrey and London. While they were covering the forest of Deepcut with a sheet of fake snow and bringing in wild boars, a new report from Bracknell Times suggests the crew of The Witcher has also begun filming nightshoots in a location nearby: Swinley Forest.

UPDATE: Upon further inspection we’ve discovered that the production is not The Witcher, but Sky’s Britannia. On one of the photos provided to us we saw a Roman shield that can be seen in Britannia.

It can get confusing when another period fantasy production is filming in the same area as The Witcher.

A still from Britannia. Notice that the shields are the same.

Original article:

Picture by Eden Sharp
The Witcher set at Swinley forest, image courtesy of Swinley local Eden Sharp (via Bracknell News)
The Witcher crew at Swinley Forest, via Swinley local Eden Sharp

According to Bracknell Times, filming began on Wednesday evening, where the crew worked from dusk till dawn, and has resumed on Thursday. It’s currently unknown which cast members were involved, though we have reason to believe Henry Cavill was preoccupied in the nearby filming at Deepcut. If Geralt wasn’t there, it’s likely Ciri wasn’t there either, suggesting this sequence may be part of Yennefer’s storyline. Locals should keep an eye out for Anya Chalotra, as she could be involved.

Mecia Simson

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Besides Chalotra’s Yennefer, another character possibly inolved in this sequence is Mecia Simson’s Francesca Findabair, an elven sorceress that will be introduced in season two. Simson recently shared a story on her Instagram page that mentioned she is back to filming The Witcher, and that was around the time filming commenced at Swinley.

We’ll update this article as more news and images arrive from Swinley Forest. Stay tuned!

For more context on Yennefer’s storyline, make sure to read our spoiler report from February, which should shed some light on Yennefer and the elves.

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