Netflix currently investigating early release date claims

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According to our friends at, Netflix is investigating early release date claims made by Giovanni Eūgene Altamarquéz, whose social media accounts and LinkedIn show him to be an employee of the streaming juggernaut.

Netflix is currently investigating this “executive producer,” as he does not appear to be a Netflix staff member, freelancer, or contractor. Shooting has officially wrapped for the show, so no additional filming is going on at present. Because Netflix has not confirmed a launch date, any dates being discussed are just speculation at this time.

Redanian Intelligence previously reported that this employee listed The Witcher’s possible release date in his Twitter and Medium account bios. We speculated as to what this could mean and updated the story to include his later clarifications.

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While’s article conveys Netflix’s statement, which is not public, it also claims his account has been suspended. As of this publishing, the accounts appearing to belong to Altamarquéz remain publicly accessible.

Redanian Intelligence will update as soon as more information is available.

UPDATE: Altamarquéz‘s Twitter has now been deleted. A Google cache version of their profile is available here.

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